5 Travel Questions To Ask Yourself When You Want To Make The Most Of Your Vacation

Julian Bialowas
Julian Bialowas

Vacations can mean different things for different people. It could be a break from routine, a deliberate escape, or just the opportunity to do nothing. Whatever your preference or personality is, here is a list of 5 questions you want to ask yourself. Read on and learn how to make the most of vacations.

1. What do I want to do with my time?

People define fun in different ways. You can enjoy a Slow and Steady vacation where you find a niche where you can read a book on your own, or find the time to sleep all day. You can enjoy being Enriched by Culture and exploring a country you have never been in and have only read in magazines or watched in Discovery. Or you can be the type that looks for a Party Paradise where drinking is a must and man- or woman-hunting is a plus! Personally though, I enjoy what I call Tropical Trips where appreciating nature is a big part of my agenda. I find peace in exploring the woods or dipping into the cool, clear waters of Maldives. The idea of the first question is to find your purpose. Prioritize what you want to do this vacation, and maybe reserve the others for another vacation trip.

2. How much am I willing to invest in this experience?

Yes, taking a vacation is an investment. Like it or not, it is an experience where you will be having more money going out than in. But of course, it is not as simple as knowing your financial resources (though that is a big part of it). Investment also talks about your valuable time. How many days can you get off work to enjoy this vacation? And will you be having company in this vacation or are you going solo? Spending time with friends or loved ones on a vacation is a wonderful investment in your relationships, but going on an adventure on your own is a healthy investment in yourself as well. So before making any plans, know which one you need the most right now.

3. What does the world have to offer?

Given your resources in number 2, look at the variety of your options. Dig through blogs about traveling and research about your potential places. Find good deals, grab those coupons, and rekindle those connections. This is not necessarily being cheap. Think of it as being efficient. You don’t want to go to places and worry about spending too much for a product that you could have gotten for a better price. But then again, you don’t want to be disappointed at what you booked just because it’s the cheapest. Find the balance between your resources and what’s out there.

4. Do I know what I’ll do?

Sometimes, people get caught up in the planning and booking. Don’t forget your number 1. What are your non-negotiables? I have been in planning trips where they started the discussion wanting to visit museums and old structures, and found ourselves cooling off at the nearest waterfalls instead. So stick with your purpose. Remember, you have other vacations to enjoy the other experiences. Sticking to a few items at a time would be less stressful.

And finally..

5. What can I take home?

Even if you’re going with your family or friends, you still want to take home the experience. This is often limited to getting food at a new country you’ve been in, or T-magnets to give away of that mountain you climbed. You also want to be able to capture the experience in photos or videos. While you’re out there, don’t rush running off to the next stop. Take the time to breathe in the experience and snap a photo or two. It would allow your loved ones back home to see what you saw, hear what you heard, and basically experience what you did. Take home stories to tell and things that you felt. It would be good for them, and for you as well. It allows you to re-live the experience, even it only comprises of enjoying a tea at the top of your rented Airbnb in another city.

Keep these questions in mind and you’ll surely make the most out of your vacations. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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