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You Will Write Again

Rest your mind
from the troubles of harrowing
the deepest parts of your soul
unearthing the darkest memory
about a once upon a time
milking your shattered heart
turning tears into gold
crawling your way out of the wilderness
scouring for the right words.

Rest your mind
from the ghosts of the past
from the worries of what’s yet to happen
and from the eagerness to share them
to escape the haunting
to discover the way out of the labyrinth
trapped in your being.

Rest your mind
from running after what’s already gone
trying to salvage the remnants
only to pick up the crumbs
of what’s once a feast
to a dungeon of a love that tastes like poison
Devouring your hope like a beast.

Rest your mind
from mapping out your nemesis
laughing at your wounds
from taming the dragon
and saving the goblin
sacrificing your heart
offering yourself with compassion.

Rest your mind
and your brave heart,
you fought so hard
against battles beyond your existence
yield the scroll and find your way
back to light and life again
away from the wicked that lead astray.

As you nestle with your thoughts
depart your troops with dignity
as you have commanded them gallantry
time for a truce
against your blade
that thrusts your power
leaving you in the glade.

Your mind is a battlefield
it spits out fire
shoots arrows of agony
cries for help
screams for sorrow
run for your life
fight for tomorrow.

But your mind is a river
it flows like a dream
tastes like poetry
but drowns you in despair
bathe in your fantasy
swim with your words
make peace with your misery.

Rest your mind,
then the body and soul
of triumphs and defeat
put down your sword
take off your armor
soon you’ll write again
the undying words of a victor.
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