15 Signs That You’re Finally Becoming More Secure With Who You Are

To The Girl Who’s Still Waiting For Him To Come Back


Enough of feeding your heart with an unhealthy dose of destiny. Staying up all night thinking of the future, that you could have had it all. Mentally dating him over a Marvel movie or laughing at all the girls he proudly left for you.

Enough of painting his lies and unpleasant choices with color as if he was blind and clouded when he chose to hurt you over and over again.

Enough of saving him a plate on the table because it is as clear as crystal that your time together was not his most important meal of the day. Heck, leave the table because he doesn’t have a delightful soul to offer.

Enough of constantly wondering what you did wrong or why it went south because he just left and did not bother and compromise to make things right.

Enough of getting all the silent treatment every time you ask him about a problem, making you more anxious than ever.

Enough of breaking your own rules just to make him stay – someone who already made an impression that he does not want to be your partner in crime.

Enough of wasting your life to this relationship that breathes toxicity and focus on the good things and the good people around you instead.

Enough of being love-stricken because that is not how love supposedly works. Real love doesn’t live on drama but peace.

Enough of being in a relationship with a problem instead of a person.

Enough of giving chances to someone who kept on wasting them and wasting you.

If he really loves you, he would not leave you. You would not bother to stalk some girls’ Instagram profiles. You would not get worried when he is out because your gut tells you that you do not need to.

If he really loves you, he will not cause you any pain from the things that he could have avoided. But he chose that path instead.

If he really loves you, apologizing would not be an issue. You will not beg for it for he is man enough to own up his mistakes.

Because if he really loves you, he is not out there loving somebody else while you were left alone fixing the mess he did.

Girl, enough.

You have a marvelous life ahead of you. You have potential and more of it that’s for you to discover. You are not just beautiful. You are loving, kind, genuine, loyal, and sensitive. Stop chasing for someone who chose to run away. You are going to find the love that you really deserve, a kind of love that stays. And by then, you will tell yourself that luckily you chose to stop waiting for him to come back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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