6 Reasons You Deserve More Than His Half-Assed Love

Silhouette of woman with long hair standing during sunset in Olsztyn
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1. You are beautiful.

You are beautiful not just in how your eyes twinkle when you smile. You are beautiful not just in how your cheeks blush or in how you twirl while wearing your favorite floral dress or even if he says it doesn’t look good on you, even if he says you need to hide your flaws, even if he never gave you flowers though he knows how much you love to receive one, just because. You are beautiful because your heart is full of and can give love – real love.

2. Your love is real.

See, your love is like a seed that needs to be well taken care of. It needs nurturing and gentle hands and constant reminders of how important you are and of how you brighten someone’s day; not careless hands that will just throw you away or constant reminders that you are just a mundane living thing. You deserve the commitment, patience, and time; you believe he deserves it too. But for a seed to grow and fulfill its lovely duties, one should work hard to plow the soil, plant it, and water it with all the hugs and kisses in the world. It’s a work for two. If he is not willing to share his time with you and take care of you, he doesn’t deserve to see and marvel at your beautyYour love deserves the kind of love that helps you grow and makes you glow not someone who, once the rain passes by or the soil ran dry, will just let you go.

3. Time is precious.

So are you. You should not allow someone to step on your flowers. You worked hard – day and night – to build your walls and plant a garden inside. You should not allow someone to just walk over your worth, pick one of your delicate parts, and leave dirty footprints on your land. Do not waste time on someone who is not for the long haul. Do not waste time on someone who is not going to stay, not just on your spring and autumn but also on your summer and winter days. Do not waste time on someone who is not willing to protect and tend your garden – add lilacs and daisies – because, darling, you could have a forest, yourself.

4. It’s not worthy of your energy.

If he didn’t text you back, do not panic. If he made a lot of excuses, laugh it off. If all the things that are coming out of his mouth are lies, do not feed it with sweetness. Do not show him flowers. Do not allow him to waste your aroma, your seeds, your branches. Time goes with energy and effort to the precious lane and staying in a half-assed relationship is not worth it. Spend your energy wisely. Use that energy to plant more in your garden. Work out. Let your beauty blossom. Paint your walls with colors. News flash: there is so much to bloom in you than letting yourself wither in an unwatered and dying soil. 

5. You will find someone matching your fire.

The world is big. Life is short. These words may be the most cliché in the history of clichés but they are also one of the most real reasons why you should not settle for anything, not whole. You will find someone who is also looking for something real, something passionate, and something honest. You will find someone who shares your fondness for lilacs. You will find someone who is more than willing enough to surprise you with a whole hectare of sunflowers and tulips and two lips put together. The world will give you someone who will lend you a hand in picking roses and even with cutting its thorns – because you deserve it better than that half-assed company who left you alone in the wilderness. You will find someone who will match your fire, put your heart on fire, most importantly, someone who’s going to be there to put out a fire.

6. It’s 2018.

This may sound ridiculous but a great reason and reminder to stand up from his half-assed love. It’s 2018, darling. Half-assed love is so 2017. It’s time you realize your own value. It’s time you give credit to yourself. You let your guard down and someone took advantage of it and throw you weeds instead of lovely seeds. It’s 2018 and it’s time you go after what you deserve.

But what is it that you exactly deserve? It is definitely something done with complete sincerity and commitment. Something called love – real love. TC mark

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