This Is Exactly Why He Ghosted You, Based On His Zodiac Sign

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He is unpredictable and smart. He has a high regard for his own intelligence. Unfortunately, you’re not able to stimulate his brainpower being a no-match to his intellect. Settling down with you is an insult for him. He knows that he can do better. So if he had been telling you that he didn’t notice your messages or lost his phone, well, he lied.


He’s an over-thinker. He has a feeling that you are not on the same pond. He got drowned by his own thoughts. He also has self-esteem issues and it reflected on your relationship. His insecurities got the best of him and he’s too weak to even say “It’s not you, it’s me.”


An Aries man is a busy man. He cannot stay in one place doing just one thing. Notice numerous rain checks? He tried to work it out – he really did. He knew that he likes you but there’s just so much better things for him to accomplish.


He ghosted you because you are not submitting to his ideas and to his demands – remember that it’s his way or highway. He’s too stubborn to compromise and to deal with you. So, you’re tossed out in the streets without you even knowing.


He is up for the chase and the challenge. It’s a “two heads are better than one” for him. He might be telling you that he likes you but he also shared it to somebody else. Between you and the other one, you were just “for the meantime”.


He noticed that you’re already getting emotionally attached (just after the first date or after two weeks of hanging out). Though he’s afraid to say it to your face because it might hurt your feelings, ghosting you is his only way.


Two things: he saw someone who is more good-looking than you or there is something that needs his 101% focus. Or both. He craves admiration and attention and seeing another person in a better status than you are makes him rub his palms and leap to that chance.


A Virgo man is a clingy man. You took him for granted. You didn’t/can’t satisfy his emotional needs. He knows you tried but he also knows you’re annoyed. It hurts him so he ghosted you thinking it might hurt you too.


Knowing the Libran nature that he can be indecisive, this is the moment that he didn’t defy it. Being unsure of his feelings that showed on how he treats you, you started to discuss it with him and started to question him – a budding fight that stressed him out. He actually hates confrontations and issues that’s why he opt to leave you hanging.


Why did he ghost you? He’s trying to consider other options but actually still keeping an eye on you. So don’t be surprised if there’s and/or there will be a notification from him liking your photos from four years ago. He’ll be most likely the one to slid into your inbox at two in the morning asking if he can come over. You know the drill says Dua Lipa.


You lack a higher purpose and depth in your personality – a major red flag for a Sag man. His deal-breaker might be hard to recognize because you thought that everything is going well because he even introduced you to his bros and befriended all of your squad members. You became tied to him and adored him more in the sense you appeared to be clingy. As for a carefree and independent Sag man, this is the sign for him to get out.


You just have different priorities and different views in life. For him, it’ll be hard on his part to make your relationship work and there’s no sense to talk about it anymore. Why waste time and effort for someone he discovered not a perfect fit? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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