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Hey, I’m Proud Of You

I’m proud of you because
you finally had the courage
to leave that toxic relationship,
you finally learned to let go
of what’s hurting you,
you finally realized
that it’s better to be alone
than be with someone
who makes you miserable
– rather than magical,
you finally chose yourself.

I’m proud of you because
in this seemingly unending and
tiresome road to success
you never give up,
in this unstable fuel
and flat tires
you never stop trying,
in this journey faced with
bumps and cracks
and twists and turns
your dreams and determination
– might be dented –
remained whole.

I’m proud of you because
when people seemed to lose
their faith
you are there to hold them,
when people seemed to question
their worth
you are there to remind them,
when everything seemed to be a problem
you are there to help find an answer,
you care.

I’m proud of you because
you smelled the flowers
and chose to see another day,
you looked at the mirror
and smiled at the person you saw,
you accepted that in some days
it might be hard – even harder –
for you to do these things again,
you learned that it’s okay.

I’m proud of you because
you are still here
– the clock is ticking,
you are breathing
– the butterflies are fluttering,
you are loving
– one that needs the most-
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