What You’re Like When You’re Single, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You’re the “sarcastically witty” single.

You are an over-thinker and being like that makes you afraid to fully commit. When questioned why you’re single, you’re not afraid to blow them away with your wit and sarcasm like “being single is not a disease, find out yourself and try me” kind of punches. And oftentimes, you leave them knocked out.


You are the “damsel in distress” single.

A single Pisces is alarmed. Out of all the signs of the zodiac, you are the one who needs to be in a relationship the most because your emotional state can be at stake. You have a habit of questioning yourself and your worth because of how alone you are. Though you love having your own world, you’ve been high-key craving some solid company from a significant other.


You’re the “indepen-dating” single.

You’re independent and at the same time, intimidating. What a deadly combo, isn’t it? You value your independence a lot and you love being the one to decide and all. Your strong principle of “actions speak louder than words” makes your time worthwhile. You believe that it is better to be alone than to be broken by false promises and fleeting feelings. But hey, you might be single but maybe not really because you are somehow dating—dating and spoiling yourself by yourself because you deserve it. Shout out to the people at the back: you’re indepen-dating!


You’re the “selfishly selfless” single.

You dislike being instructed to do that, be that, get that. You dislike commitment and clinginess. You are so into your independence that whoever wants to cross it will be cut off. You are so selfish with your time and energy, but that makes you more secure within yourself. That also means more time to indulge yourself and the people closest to you with all the material things in this world.


You’re the “swipe left, swipe right” single.

You know what that means. A single Gemini loves to go out to casual dates. Your energy is all over the place. You are always up for some late drives, spontaneous chill nights, and sleepovers. You are enjoying single life and making the most out of it until you find someone who can complement you comes along. Until then, you’ll see yourself busy swiping right or left (most likely to kill the boredom side of singlehood – oopsie).


You’re the “magazine” single.

You have so many issues and they show up in volumes. The first volume in your ‘Single Life of a Cancer’ is about trust issues. It shows up, not just because you were fucked up by your previous relationships, but because of people taking advantage of you in general. You have a complicated mind; that is why being single is the perfect time to pour some TLC on yourself. Cut the complication, little Avril.


You’re the “low-key don’t wanna be alone” single.

Just like Pisces, you cannot take being alone. You live for the praise and attention. And though the people around you might be giving it to you, the fact that you’re lacking someone by your side brings you down. That’s why when someone interesting comes your way, you pursue them. You pack your best assets and go on adventures to find someone you’ll never get tired of. NEWS FLASH: You won’t stay single for long.


You’re the “saving all my love (and my money)” single.

You’re single and you DGAF. It is literally fine, not being in a relationship. You find it convenient and practical to have no one to throw tantrums at you. You find yourself sleeping soundly knowing that nobody is cheating on you. You are smart enough to handle being alone. Single = $$$!!!


You’re the “wandering” single.

Despite you being a people-person, being single isn’t a problem. A single Libra is a free butterfly – spreading your wings to wander around. You use this period to explore more – of yourself, of the people around you, and of the world – without thinking about a significant other holding you back because of jealousy and insecurities. Fly Libra, fly!


You’re the “oh ambitious and suspicious, they can’t make you go loco” single.

You share the same spot with a Virgo because you’d prefer to live the single life as much as possible. You have so many goals in your bucket list to check off and fulfilling them alone isn’t a problem at all. You don’t easily attach yourself with people you’ve met along the way because you know that not everyone has good intentions and not everyone will stay. That might make you a suspicious person, but you don’t give a damn because you’re a Scorpio. You’re independent and unpredictable and not the type to be chasing after someone. So if someone doesn’t like you, it is still fine. You chase goals instead!


You’re the “chicken soup for the soul” single.

You share the same adoration with Libra: people. But share the same dislike with Taurus: commitment. You are after a higher purpose in life and if a person who is trying to get in your life doesn’t share the same intention as you, you’ll definitely take it for granted. In general, you will still be fine and fancy in your single life.


You’re the “#hustlemore” single.

You are a contrast—you know your priorities, but you still don’t know what you truly want. You might set everything out, but there is still a missing piece. You have this high sense of responsibility that has a good, and a not so good impact in your life because people can get too dependent on you. As a single Capricorn, you tend to pour all your attention to your career. *Plays Rihanna’s Work in the background. You are a busy bee that is always hustling. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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