The 3 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Friends

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Capricorns are one of the most loyal signs of the zodiac. They are the kind of best friends who will promise to be there with you through thick and thin and will absolutely fulfill it. They may have a hard exterior, but they are also sensitive and a softy – a tough love but a real one.

Due to their driven, responsible, down-to-earth, and ambitious nature, Capricorns will be your biggest cheerleaders helping you find a way out of the problem you’re dealing with. They will push you to reach more because they believe success is better when shared – especially with their best friends. And if you feel like everything is falling apart, Capricorns will be there for you holding you up and keeping it all together.

Capricorns are often the mother of the group. You’re definitely in good hands with a Capricorn. They value quality time and always after sincerity in friendships for they don’t want temporary people in their lives. If you find yourself in one, hold on to that friendship.


They say that if you want a lifelong friend, choose a Libra. A best friend and a therapist in one—this is the kind of friendship you’ll have with a Libra. They are always willing to listen and willing to give non-judgmental pieces of support.

Your secrets are safe with the Libras and they are known in giving the best advice. They are the peacekeepers and the diplomatic type and having them as your best friends means less fights and less drama. Though labeled as the quiet ones, Librans have their great sense of humor making the friendship lighthearted, comfortable, and awesome.

Deep and sensible conversations are always up in a Libra’s vocabulary. So if you’re still looking for someone to share a moment on a rooftop at three in the morning, you know who to call. And if you already have one, be thankful after all. They are selfless for they are always concerned with other people that’s why most of the time they are taken advantage of. They may appear to be soft but they are smarter and stronger than they look and will be willing to fight for you.


Talk about frankness and fidelity award, the Pisces people WIN it both. They are not afraid to voice out their point of views and to even call you out when necessary. Pisces is one of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac. You can talk about everything under the sun and won’t get criticized for it. You can vent all night long and won’t get invalidated for it.

Having a Pisces best friend will let you discover your bold and creative side you didn’t know you had. They may appear to be dominant at times, but it’s just them being a devoted kind of best friend. They keep their inner circle close – few but authentic. They love to have fun and spend time together and enjoy making it an adventurous and a pretty amazing ride of friendship with a Pisces. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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