To The Faithful And Honest Person With A Broken Heart, Be Proud

Christy Joseph

In this world full of selfish, pathological liars, manipulators, and cheaters, it is such a blessing to have come across with someone like you who has been living and loving with unquestionable loyalty and honesty.

Left and right, there are stories of toxic and emotionally abusive relationships draining the souls of people of your kind. People like you are full of fruits and flesh of goodness and greatness. Sad to say, but that made you the perfect meal to feed the starving egos and pathetic souls of those who take advantage of you. That is why you unfortunately, got your heart broken. But to tell you the truth, that is something you should be actually proud of.

Be proud that your soul is overflowing with pure intentions. Because that is something that those people who hurt you are lacking.

Be proud of your honest heart who can’t fake every emotion, every word, every love. Because that makes you stand out from the crowd and separates you from the company of cowards and users.

Be proud of yourself for being a one-man woman or a one-woman man. That doesn’t mean you’re boring, or you can’t find anybody else who will love you again, or you’re just settling but because you’re a person with high functioning faithfulness.

Be proud of yourself who chose to stay despite being treated like crap because you still have faith in those people.

Be proud of yourself for not having any hesitations in loving your person because you just genuinely care for them and you really want them in your life and future.

Be proud of yourself because a person like you, who truly knows how to be and is capable of being honest and faithful, is rare and is what our world is in dire need of.

And if you’re confused why you still end up heartbroken despite the fact that you’ve been honest and faithful, just be proud. Be proud of your failed relationship because it saved you from deeper destruction. It definitely saved you from people who are not deserving of your roaring rarity.

Be proud of your pain. Be proud of every tear, every curse, every sleepless night. Be proud to embrace the low-blows you have been bravely enduring. Be proud of being the one who got hurt the most because it means that you are the one who loved the most.

Know that cheaters will still be cheaters and that liars will still be lying with their awareness. And that you attract what you send out to the universe. Cheaters may attract cheaters. Liars into liars. But in your case, you attract goodness. You will attract someone who can, and will, match the goodness of your soul.

You might feel down at the moment but please know that it will be temporary. Cry but promise to laugh it off at the end. You can do better, always better. Because you are an honest and faithful lover. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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