For All Your Failures In Life, Forgive Yourself

Nine Kopfer

For all the times you missed the chance of being a friend,

For all the times you’re not just there when they need you the most,

For all the times you broke someone’s heart,

For all the times you weren’t able to or chose to put your guard down and got your soul shattered,

For all the relationships you wished to last forever but did not,

For all the moments you hopped to being rude and forgot the innate kindness in you,

For all the moments you finally learned to speak up for yourself but unintentionally hurt somebody else in the process,

For all the moments you lose your patience because who doesn’t,

I hope you forgive yourself.

For all the nights you chose sleeping over studying because your mind and body just can’t cooperate,

For all the nights you’re stuck up thinking you wished you did better,

For all the days you felt you’re not doing a good role in your family,

For all the days you thought you’re not giving them the best,

For all the days you felt you’re not making them proud,

For all the chances you wished you should have taken,

For all the decisions you made wrong,

For all the mistakes you commit and admit,

For all the regrets you realized in the end,

Please forgive yourself.

Forgive yourself for failing every inch in every corner in every way. Forgive yourself for not giving the pep talk and motivation you deserve. Forgive yourself for doubting your talents and passion. Forgive yourself for not living the way you planned back when you’re 16. Forgive yourself for not giving your body the amount of goodness it deserved to be treated.

Forgive yourself for failing everyday. But do not be afraid of failure. It is okay to get defeated sometimes for you cannot defy human nature. For all the moments life failed you, forgive yourself. Try again. And if for the second or the third or the fourth attempt or for how many times you tried but failed again, please darling, stand back up and do not forget to forgive yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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