To The Girl He’s Going To Love After Me

Roberto Nickson

You are going to be lucky.

Because by the time you will have him, he’s gonna be a changed man.

He will shower you with love, in his own amazing ways. He will put so much effort in your relationship – genuine and consistent. He will share his adventures with you until you wouldn’t want to go home anymore because being with him feels like home already.

You will wake up every morning with a sweet and sincere good morning message to brighten up your day and sleep soundly at night knowing you are still loved – more – when you wake up.

You will never have to hate and hide the unwanted parts of yourself because he will touch and accept it gently and wholeheartedly. You will never feel like you are competing with other girls because he will fill your being with his deep adoration for you. You will never have to worry about his ex-girlfriends because he won’t be contacting any of them anymore.

You will never have to be paranoid that he might be cheating on you because he will assure you every time until there’s no reassuring needed because he has been pouring every ounce of his being into you.

You will never have to remind him that you miss him and that you want to see him because you will already find him outside of your house surprising you – it could be accompanied with some special gift in hand, may it be your favorite food and/or a movie you’ve been wanting to watch – with his presence and his big charming smile.

You will forget about the trust issues in your life because he will not make any reason for you to have one any more.

You will have your stomach ache just because you’ve taken a lot of one of his best pills in his pocket, his sense of humor. You will hate him for that. But you will love him even more.

You will never ever feel like you are not enough because he will always make you his priority. You will never have to question every word he speaks because by then, he already learned about honesty and loyalty. And by then, he is ready and willing to commit to you. ONLY YOU.

But if ever you arrived early, be ready to survive his storms.

Be ready to see his grumpiness every time he hasn’t eaten yet and is hell-stressed over something. Be ready to hear him curse every time his team loses a battle over his favorite computer game. Be ready to handle him when he raises his voice and seemed to be intimidating. Be ready to hold him when he opens some devastating experiences he had from the past. Be ready to calm him down when he’s losing patience over something that went out of his plan.

Be willing to caress him even if you are not in the mood because he needs it and loves it. Be mindful with the words you are going to utter because it might tickle a sensitive or hurtful thing from the past. Be patient enough when he doesn’t want to talk to you or see you because he might be just having a gloomy day. Be open-minded enough when he is being bossy over himself and his achievements because he might not meant to be as such for he might just be a bit confused on how to express himself. Be more understanding when everything seemed to be hard to understand anymore because remember, he is still in the process of building himself.

If ever you arrived early, be ready to face everything that has been an outcome of his past and be willing to embrace them all.

Because if you do, he will love you hundred folds more than he loved all of his past relationships combined.

To the girl he’s going to love after me, you are going to be deeply, madly, passionately, loved. You are so, so lucky. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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