A Reminder To Post-Breakup You That You Will Be Okay

William Rouse / Unsplash

There has to be more than this… 

Dealing with post-breakup you is messy. It is emotional, it is vulnerable, it is raw, it is straight-to-your-core questioning who you are, what you want out of life, and what path you think is the best to take in order to get you there without a doubt.

Post-breakup you feels limited and trapped. Post-breakup you feels mislead, misguided, misunderstood, and unappreciated. Post-breakup you is stuck focusing on all of the areas she messed up, where she feels she could have tried to push harder, and whether or not she made the best choice considering all of her options.

What post-breakup you isn’t seeing is how much your ego is controlling your thoughts and emotions. All of the self-doubt, all of the questioning, and all of the living in your past is 100% your ego not choosing to let it go. The ego is drawn to attachment. The ego is what is inside of you that is clinging to these things to try and force them to be a part of your identity.

But your ego is not your real being. Your ego is not your true identity. Your ego is the embodiment of the word attachment, and it clings in a way that forces you to accept these circumstances, thoughts, and beliefs to be real character flaws. But your ego is simply not you. It is not your true self. Your ego does not recognize the massive amount of courage you mustered up in order to free yourself of this attachment, to allow yourself to access a higher vibration that was no longer within reach, in order to climb to a level of consciousness that enables you to see past the ego and misconceived perceptions of who you are and into your true self.

What post-breakup you needs to realize is how proud you should be of trusting your intuition, of letting go of people and situations that you dearly love but no longer serve you or your purpose.

What post-breakup you should understand is by putting your trust into the universe, taking a leap of faith, and truly letting go of all attachments in both a physical and spiritual sense is exactly what is going to serve you and your purpose.

What post-breakup you must see is you are already on a beautiful course to becoming fulfilled.

You are already on the path you need to be on, even when doubts flood your mind.

You are already serving yourself and your purpose.

You are unlimited, boundless, and flowing.

You are more than this. TC mark


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