Stop Letting Your Life Slip By You

As I sit here, trying to write something inspirational, I realize that nothing inspirational has happened to me in the past few months. Nothing substantial has happened. I haven’t written anything I’m proud of, I haven’t experienced some spontaneous declaration of love, and I haven’t had my heart broken either. I haven’t felt anything that made my heart tingle. I haven’t felt the butterflies awaken in my stomach. Because I have spent every single day doing the same monotonous thing over and over again. I have no inspiration because I am not inspiring myself. I am not looking after myself. I am not feeding my soul. Instead, I am waking up every single morning and doing the same thing repeatedly and I am willingly allowing it to suck the life out of me. We all do it.

And we don’t have anyone else to blame. It is our fault. We all so easily fall into the trap of living until the next set of big plans or our yearly holiday and forget that every single day is a day out of our lives. A day we don’t get back. A day that we will look back on with regret. Because every day, we let time pass by that we can never get back. We don’t have time to sit and wait for inspiration to come and smack us in the face. We should be out there looking for it, spending every single day the same way we spend Christmas or our birthday. Why do we confine ourselves to only celebrate life on days designated on our calendars?

So go out and talk to random strangers in the street. Perform random acts of kindness just because you can. Pick up a book and read because you want to. Exercise. Fill your body with endorphins because it deserves it. Wake up early to see the sun rise. Make pancakes on a Tuesday. Put your Christmas tree up in November. Start writing your novel. Text your friends for no reason. Stop declining offers to socialize. Write everything down that you are grateful for. Allow yourself to live, because we all owe it to ourselves to turn off Netflix, stop blaming everything else for our lack of inspiration, and seize every single day so that one day we don’t look back at all the opportunities we missed. Let’s get our souls back. Our souls that are filled with everything that makes our life worth living. We will be able to look back and know that we lived every day with gratitude, love, and vigor. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing is food for the soul.

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