Why I Stopped Working So I Could Work On Myself

Brooke Cagle

I see so many of us doing things ‘just to do it’. We have businesses and blogs just to say we do. We release products and services just to make a buck. We over-saturate markets because it’s trendy. We post only to be recognized. We join #teamnosleep and thrive in being unavailable. It’s almost scary, the things we put into the world unsure of its true origin and effect it will have on others. We are beginning to create from ego rather than spirit and it is damaging our community. I’m so passionate about the difference I strive to make, and I never want to release anything in the world that is not genuine.

It’s like I was running high-speed and then suddenly stopped. I love to work; so when I’m on GO mode there’s no stopping me until it’s too late and I’m burned out. I love to help others; but I will give give give even when I have nothing. I am so thankful I am able to notice these things, and blessed to have the opportunity to work on them. Being that I combine both of these loves into what forms my brand and business, I have to make sure I am my best authentic self almost all times (because I sometimes give myself permission to not be okay). But recently I began forcing myself to work and releasing content that reflected that; at least enough for me to notice.

I decided to take a month off from working on any brand movement or business. It really allowed me to reorganize my mind and focus on what’s most important to me and what allows me to create and serve most authentically.

Once you find your purpose, it’s almost impossible to doubt it. But the fear of losing your passion in the midst of such a fast-paced world is plausible. We have to remember that time does not exist, money is an object, and inauthenticity does not last.

Slow down and get back to your why.
Move when You truly feel it’s time.
Create authentically and passionately.
You will not fail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Joy is writer, healer, and dreamer who believes in the unlimited power of self.

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