You Deserve Better

Ioana Casapu

I’m leaving you because you deserve someone else.

It isn’t easy to let go of someone you love. I thought you were the right for me and that was the problem. I fall in love of the idea of what we were. You were just like a character from the books I read with a mesmerizing smile, a kind heart and you always had the rights words. I was too blessed to have found you. But then I realized you deserve so much more that what I can offer you. You deserve a forever. And I’m not capable of giving you half of what you deserve, so I’m leaving.

I’m leaving you because I can’t promise you a forever not even a few months, weeks or days. You deserve a girl who loves you whole and devote her life to you. I’m not even close to being like her. I’m leaving you because I can’t wait any longer.
I think about you walking on the beach with your friends and camera. Looking so cool under the breeze of the sea with a smile on your face alongside your friends. I know your happy place is over there.

I wanted to have you just for myself all your smiles, your time, your love, your sun kissed tan and your sadness but you belong to someone to give who give you the best and the world.

I’m leaving you because you need to spend your days enjoying life in the present. I’m leaving you because I don’t want you to waste your time anymore. I’m leaving you because I love because I want you to enjoy your first love in the now and don’t regret losing it in the future.

Believe me, leaving you isn’t easy because I love you and I’ll forever but I hope you someday understand why I left you. I want you to smile forever with a girl that loves you in the way you deserve. I’m sorry to hurt you but I can’t be what you really need and want. I apologize for been just an illusion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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