What Our Love Is

Dani Vivanco

Love is dreaming about our fingers entwine and my leg tangled with yours, and the smell of your skin. Love is Laughing and sarcasm, and pure joy in a simple text. Dreaming of being Next to you. Close to you. Never close enough and always sinking further.

Love is dreaming on your skin, your smile and that I am the reason it’s across your face. You smiling every time I kiss you then when I get shy and after we kissed. Dreaming about having your arms around caressing me without skipping a bit. Dreaming of your hand on my leg, and it’s warm.

Love is arguing with you about what we are going to argue in the future and making excuses to kiss endlessly. Is dreaming about sitting next to you and kiss you and telling you how much I love you.

Love is knowing that nothing will feel like this pull, this happy, solid and complete sensation. Love is knowing that you aren’t another one but you are home and everything to come. Love is knowing that that I still have so much to learn and appreciate from you.

Love is the date I told about giving someone else a chance and you told me to go for it. Love is telling ‘I sloth you’ because I was afraid to tell you how much I cared for you. Loving is talking to you about the girl you like and be friend-zoned, it was tough. Loving is getting fooled by your words to end up telling you how I feel for you.

Love is dreaming about waking up laughing in your bed. After a cuddle night together, just kissing and laughing and holding you tightly. Love is wanting you to be here and now laughing and loving you.

Love is thinking what you want from it but didn’t really know what you wanted until you find it. Love is knowing somehow we are meant to be, but you couldn’t say why.

Love is wanting more of you.

Love is dreaming of my hand on your cheek and my heart in my throat. Love is crying, afraid of losing you.

Love is trying to be your one. Your happiness. Your hope.

Love is making excuses to say I love you.

Love is the sound of your name rolling out my lips. Love is wanting to wear your T-shirt all day long and a pair of boxers as pjs pants. Love is feeling you in my sleep every night holding me tight.

Love is fearing loosing you. Loving is wanting the best for you ( knowing you deserve better and everything you dream of) but I don’t want to let you go. Love is wanting to sleep with you, and kiss your cheek, and caress your face while you sleep.

Love is dreaming of sleep with you, with your face next to mine. And even though it might not be comfortable but honestly, is what I want always with you.

Will love be for us like this all the time? Are you going to love me today, tomorrow and always? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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