You Can’t Go Back, But You Can Always Change Your Ending

No one is perfect. We are all constantly learning and growing and changing. Sometimes that change is painful. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you’re doing right, you are still stuck.

But remember one very important thing: You are the only one that can change, and whatever the reason, whatever is holding you back, you can always, always, move forward.

Getting caught up in the past is easy.

Thinking about all the things you could have done better, the mistakes you made that you wish more than anything that you could reverse, that’s normal!

But here’s the thing: You can’t change what has already happened. No matter how much you want. The real world, your life, is not some pattern. There is no balanced behavior, no magical fix. No one thing that will make all the other pieces fall into place.

It’s just the way life is.

It’s messy. And it’s scary. And the more that you get caught up in what could have been, the more time you’re wasting. Because things could always be better or different, but that doesn’t mean that you are not doing exactly what you should be doing.

Just don’t let that fear consume you, because it can and it will.

Just keep telling yourself day in and day out, no matter how much time it takes. Always forward, never back.

Of course, I would be lying if I said that this happens overnight.

It takes work. But all the best things do.

You have to work at it every day. And it’s going to take more effort. It’s going to take the good and the bad. It’s going to be days when you feel like you are falling apart. But it’s all a part of the process.

If you want to thrive, you have to forgive yourself for the things you did and focus on the things that you are going to do.

We can’t get yesterday back, but we can learn how to take today and make it better than before.

As long as you are moving forward and upward, you’re doing more harm than good.

So I guess the point is that we are all searching for that kind of peace that fills you up and sets you free.

You have to give yourself a chance, and you have to let go of the bad and accept the good.

Whatever that is for you, just run with it. Because you’re story is not over yet. Not even close. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Josie Griffith is a blogger and lifestyle writer living in Baltimore, Maryland.