With You, It Was Effortless

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There’s something to be said about those relationships that come out of nowhere. The ones that you never see coming. Not because you aren’t paying attention, but because it’s so good you can’t even believe that it’s real.

And you are no different.

I wasn’t looking for anything when I first met you. I thought that you were just like everyone else even though you kept coming up with reasons you weren’t. And over time, I started to believe you.

Suddenly, I was with you and you were with me. And that was the only thing that seemed to matter or make sense. Call it luck or timing, but whatever it was, it worked.

All the pieces fell together. And whoever was before you, whoever was before me, that didn’t seem to make any difference at all.

Falling for you was no a choice, it wasn’t an option or even something I had to think about. It just happened without warning or reason.

I can’t say that it was expected, but I’m so glad that you came into my life when you did. Maybe before it was just bad timing or bad people. But now, for the first time, I feel like I have something to look forward to. You make me want to look to the future rather than keep being haunted by the past.

You do that for me and for that, I’ll never be anything but grateful.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I think that this is going to be something. Even if it doesn’t last forever, even if life happens and rearranges out hearts, I’m willing to try.

For once, I’m not holding anything back and I’m not taking anything for granted.

It sounds like the same old story with a different set of characters, but this time, for the first time, my heart is in it. And I’m leaping out not against my better judgment but because with you, it doesn’t feel like falling.

It feels like flying.

And I want you to know that I have no intention of ever coming back down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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