If I’m Going To Be Your Second Choice, Just Pick Her

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It’s never easy falling out of love with someone. Just like it hurts to get lied to, to get played, to get put on the back burner until something better comes along.

And that’s all I ever was to you. Just another option. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you said or what you meant to do about it. It doesn’t even matter your intentions because I got tired of making excuses for you.

I wanted you more than I can put into words. More than I could ever bring myself to tell you for fear of what you would say. And now it doesn’t feel like regret. Now, I’m only glad I didn’t waste any more of my time.

I know now that I was always just the one you kept waiting. Maybe you didn’t see it then, but I hope that you can see it now. And really, if you have to think about it for even one second, let me make a choice for you.

Pick her. Chose her. Fall in love with her smile. Learn to love the way she says your name.

She’s probably really great. Maybe she has all the things that I don’t but I will remind you of one thing. She won’t fight for you like I did.

It took me a long time to let you go, but now that I have, I have to remind myself over and over again that I deserve to be more than the second string. 

I’m not going to beg you anymore. I’m not going to call you up late at night and ask how you’re doing. In fact, do me a favor and just forget all about me.  I’m strong enough to admit defeat and in this case, you’re going to be the one that loses. Not me. 

I wish you all the best, I really do. I hope that she can teach you how to love yourself because we both know you need a little practice. I hope you find in her whatever it was that I was looking for in you.

And I hope that you find it. I really, really do.

But let me make one thing very, very clear. This, this back and forth and maybe you care, maybe you don’t. It’s over. I don’t want to have to fight for your attention. So, if she’s what you want but you still want me, know that you can’t have everything. 

Now, I don’t even want you to come crawling back to me, begging me for a second chance. Because I gave you a second and third and fourth chance. I guess what I’m really trying to say is that love can’t be this one-sided. And I’m more than what you painted me to be.

So go ahead and gain her.

I’m sure she’ll be perfect. But when she’s not what you expected, just know that you’re the one that lost me. And there’s nothing you can do about it anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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