What Kind Of White Supremacist Patriarchy Would Allow Bahar Mustafa To Keep Her Job?

via Flickr - Christopher Dombres
via Flickr – Christopher Dombres

In the 1970s, a new and completely bullshit definition of “racism” was invented by postmodern critical theory professors and other assorted Marxist zombies. This new redefinition of “racism” – which, I should add, was conceived entirely in order to justify the existence of the various black supremacist groups that sprung up in the 1960s – holds that “racism = power + prejudice”, so only white people can be racist since only white people hold power. Yes, that’s right: white people – who are only about 9% of the world’s population – hold power in literally every single country there is. And, if you don’t agree with this, then it probably goes without saying that you’re a racist white supremacist (or, if you’re not white, a self-hating Uncle Tom special snowflake with internalized racism who just doesn’t know any better). Regardless, this Soviet Bolshevik nonsense was thoroughly debunked in this great article here, so there’s nothing that I can say about it that hasn’t already been said.

Why am I talking about this, anyways? Because, in the words of ethnically Pakistani Bahar Mustafa, a pink-haired, heavily-pierced “anarchist” (read: Stalinist) who strongly resembles some kind of over-the-top cartoon caricature of the average Tumblr social justice blogger: “I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender and therefore women of color and minority genders cannot be racist or sexist, since we do not stand to benefit from such a system.”

You see, Bahar Mustafa is a “diversity officer” at Goldsmiths University in London. In her taxpayer-funded job (which basically involves getting paid money to talk about how evil white people are), Mustafa held an “anti-racism” event where she explicitly banned white men from attending. As if that wasn’t enough, Mustafa also used her personal Twitter account to send out charming messages about how we should #KillAllWhiteMen. A few days ago, it was announced that she would be keeping her job, where she is tasked with promoting “diversity” and ending “racism”.

For decades, we have heard Marxist drones and feminist cows like Mustafa moo endlessly about how we live in a white male patriarchy where minorities and women are denied a voice. With the entirety of the media and the government very much backing them, we have heard them talk about how anyone who isn’t a white “cishet” male is terribly oppressed in the West, is afforded absolutely no opportunity to make their voice heard, and is turned down from all jobs that they apply for. Yet, here, we have a Pakistani woman using her taxpayer-funded job to ban white men from an “anti-racism” event and publicly demand the extermination of all white men – and she gets to KEEP her job. What kind of white supremacist patriarchy would allow that? Honestly, do you seriously think that a REAL racist country – like, I dunno, Pakistan, for example – would allow a minority person to publicly demand the genocide of the majority and still get to keep their job? You can bet your ass they wouldn’t. A genuinely racist and genuinely sexist country would have absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for Mustafa’s attention-seeking antics. Yet, in “evil white supremacist” Britain, Mustafa has not only kept her job intact, but has also attracted legions of supporters posting #KillAllWhiteMen and #SupportBaharMustafa on Twitter. Yes, people like Mustafa truly are oppressed beyond words in the patriarchal, white supremacist UK.

Obviously, I don’t even need to tell you what would happen if a white man held an event where he banned Pakistani men from attending, then used his Twitter account to Tweet out #KillAllPakis. Not only would such a man be fired from his job and never find work again, but he would also be arrested and sent to prison under Britain’s extremely strict thought crime laws. To put things in perspective, one white blogger was charged with thought crimes in Britain for merely using the word “darkies” on his blog. It easily goes without saying that, if the races here were reversed, then the white man wouldn’t stand a chance. No amount of imaginary “white privilege” could save him from being crucified.

In the end, there is nobody more privileged than people like Bahar Mustafa. The modern identity politics-driven social justice left treats minorities not as individuals who should be held accountable for their actions like anyone else, but as helpless children who can do no wrong. It’s the exact opposite of what real equality is: “oppressed minorities” like Bahar Mustafa can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it scot-free, while any white person who complains about it is simply a racist white supremacist shitlord who needs to check their fucking privilege because, like, wow. Just wow. I literally can’t even.

Do you wanna know what would happen if a white person went to Pakistan, held an event excluding all Pakistani men from attending, and then Tweeted out #KillAllPakis? That person would be killed. And no, I don’t mean that in a figurative sense: that person would be literally killed, and in a very brutal manner too. Bahar Mustafa enjoys a tremendous amount of “privilege” in white countries which no minority in any non-white country enjoys. Wanna know how minorities are treated in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Korea, China, India, and just about every other non-white country? They’re treated like absolute shit. White countries are by FAR the LEAST racist countries in the world, yet only white countries are guilt-tripped about their “racism” and expected to atone for their “privilege”. If Bahar Mustafa is truly so oppressed in the UK, then why does she choose to live there in the first place? Honestly, why? Why would someone choose to live in a country that oppresses them? Better yet, why do millions of non-white people around the world willingly move to white countries if white countries are indeed so oppressive? I mean, you’d honestly think that, if white countries are truly so racist and oppressive, then people from places like Pakistan and Libya wouldn’t be clamoring to move to white countries. If white countries were truly so oppressive, then non-white people in white countries would be clamoring to move back to non-white countries. The only real, logical explanation here is that minorities are treated far better in white countries than they are anywhere else in the world.

I am 100% certain that plenty of braindead, glassy-eyed social justice drones will respond to this article with some highly insightful and eloquent response along the lines of “lol delicious white male tears keep crying pissbaby.” So, allow me to get this out of the way: rest assured, I am not crying. I am, if anything, laughing at you. I’m laughing that you seriously believe that countries like the UK are still “white supremacist”, and I’m also laughing because you’re providing copious amounts of ammo to real white supremacists. Bahar Mustafa has been an absolute blessing to genuine white supremacists. Not only does she fuel their belief that minorities are actively persecuting white people, but she also completely reinforces their narrative that “diversity” is really just an anti-white agenda. The far-right is currently surging all over Europe. Far-right parties like Golden Dawn, Jobbik, Front National, and Party for Freedom are skyrocketing in popularity across the continent. The social justice left might believe that they’re unstoppable and that they’ve permanently won the culture wars, but they aren’t and they haven’t. When the real white supremacists take over Europe, you can thank people like Bahar Mustafa for helping them every step of the way.

Finally, I am most certainly NOT calling for Bahar Mustafa to be sent to jail or anything of that sort. If Mustafa was in any real danger of being charged with thought crimes (which she isn’t, of course), I would defend to the death her legal right to spew racist garbage about white people and to demand the genocide of all white men. Anyone who has read any of my previous articles knows that I am extremely opposed to all forms of Stalinist “hate speech” laws (it must be noted that pretty much everyone in Britain strongly supports laws against “hate speech” – even the most dedicated “libertarians” and “free speech activists” in Britain still very much support these laws). But people like Mustafa vigorously support those “hate speech” laws while, at the same time, demanding the extermination of all white people without any hint of irony. It takes an absolutely stunning degree of sheer cognitive dissonance and flat-out childish naivete to:

1. Believe that we live in a white supremacist patriarchy which actively oppresses minorities.

2. Demand that said white supremacist patriarchy have unlimited power to strictly regulate all forms of speech in order to allegedly “protect minorities”.

3. Be an ethnic minority woman who explicitly bans white men from an “anti-racism” event and Tweets out #KillAllWhiteMen, all while keeping your job and attracting a myriad of supporters.

4. Still believe that the country you live in is a white supremacist patriarchy that actively oppresses people like you.

Ultimately, it’s exactly this kind of total lack of insight and complete cognitive dissonance which characterizes modern (or is that postmodern?) social justice warriors (or SJWs) like Bahar Mustafa. So, if you’re reading this, Bahar, here’s what would happen to you if you lived in an actual white supremacist patriarchy:

1. Your parents wouldn’t have immigrated to the UK in the first place, since nobody is going to immigrate to a country that actively hates and oppresses them.

2. You would never have gotten a job in the first place, and certainly not a well-paying, taxpayer-funded job that pays you to sit on your ass all day and spread your insecurities on social media.

3. If you somehow did manage to get said job and you then used your job to hold an event banning white men while Tweeting out #KillAllWhiteMen, you would have been immediately fired, you would have been charged with multiple thought crimes, and you would have instantly become a public hate figure with no supporters.

But you don’t live in anything close to a white supremacist patriarchy, Bahar. That’s why you’re keeping your job… for now. When people like you finally succeed at creating a massive far-right backlash, then you might very well experience what a real white supremacist patriarchy is like. And, when that day comes (and it will), you will get absolutely no sympathy from me whatsoever. You are exactly the kind of boogeyman that real white supremacists love, Bahar, because you help their agenda in every conceivable way. So, by all means, keep telling the world how much you hate white men, and keep driving people to the far-right. Real white supremacists couldn’t possibly ask for a better spokesperson than you, Ms. Mustafa.

The left suffered a devastating loss in the recent British elections precisely because the left has completely abandoned universalism (i.e. championing the working people and the masses) in favor of petty identity politics and smug elitism, which simply does not appeal to the masses at all and, in fact, only drives the masses away. And, if the left thinks that the current “fascist” David Cameron administration is bad, then I honestly can’t wait to see their reactions when they inadvertently succeed at getting real fascists like Marine Le Pen and Nikolaos Michaloliakos elected all over Europe. The far-right is the new counter-culture, and the cycle of history is repeating itself as always. Whereas the left once claimed to “fight the establishment”, the left now is the establishment. The modern-day left is absolutely everything that the religious right used to be, and that’s one of the major reasons why the far-right is growing exponentially. Bahar Mustafa very much represents the mainstream authoritarian establishment. Even if one buys into the ridiculous dogma of “racism = power + privilege”, Bahar Mustafa is very much in a position of power and has every ability to be “racist”, even under the bullshit social justice warrior definition of “racism”.

As far as the UK being a “white supremacist patriarchy” goes: the UK is a country where the police will actively cover up the massive gang-rape, torture, and sexual trafficking of white girls by Pakistani men to avoid being called “racist”, and where Pakistani women like Bahar Mustafa can openly discriminate against white men and demand white genocide, all while keeping their job and attracting legions of mindless supporters. If the UK is indeed a white supremacist patriarchy, as Bahar Mustafa claims it is, then it truly is the worst white supremacist patriarchy ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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