Strange And Hateful Bedfellows: How Neo-Nazis And Social Justice Warriors Feed Off Of Each Other

Perhaps the most fundamental difference between the political right and the political left is that right-wingers hate other cultures, while left-wingers hate their own culture. Right-wing politics is all about hatred for others; left-wing politics is all about self-hatred. Since both are, at the end of the day, all about hate and fear, they have a lot more similarities than differences. And, since both tend to focus heavily on identity politics nowadays, both are very prone to self-cannibalization and infighting.

As left-wing and right-wing politics grow more extreme – on both sides – the differences between them grow even more minimal. I’ve long stated that there is almost no difference between the far-left and the far-right. If anything, the ideology of “social justice” is very similar to the ideology of Nazism. Yes, I am quite blatantly invoking Godwin’s law here – and yes, I am well aware that Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have never killed 12 million people or started any wars (although I’m sure they would love to if given the chance) – but bear with me on this. Nazis and SJWs both have a designated “oppressor group” that controls and dominates everything. For Nazis, it was the Jews; for SJWs, it’s whites/males/”cishets”/patriarchy. Both have an “oppressed group” that suffers horribly at the hands of this designated “oppressor group” or “privileged group”. For Nazis, it was white Europeans; for SJWs, it’s women, “People of Color” (“PoC”), gays, transsexuals, and other designated victim groups. Both subsist on feelings of hatred, inadequacy, fear, and a desire to be superior. Both have extreme paranoid persecution complexes and are eager to find (and invent) conspiracies everywhere. And, most of all, both firmly believe that all dissent and questioning of their ideologies must be immediately quashed with an iron fist.

If you browse online white supremacist and neo-Nazi circles, you will often find incessant infighting between members – usually over the subject of identity politics. Should neo-Nazis be Christian? Should they be pagan? Should they be non-religious? Do Christians worship a “dead kike on a stick”, as /pol/ would so eloquently put it? Is Odinism the one, true white European religion? Is atheism a form of degeneracy pushed onto white Christian nations by the evil, conniving Jews? This is just one example of the many, many internal conflicts which exist in neo-Nazi circles, and any long discussion on Stormfront or any other white supremacist site usually devolves into a flame war in which board members repeatedly accuse each other of being secret Jewish infiltrators and/or “degenerates”.

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Likewise, in social justice circles, petty identity politic nitpicking inevitably leads to self-cannibalization. SJWs – the vast majority of whom are upper-middle-class white hipsters – claim to speak on behalf of a wide range of “oppressed” and “marginalized” groups. But what happens when different “marginalized groups” clash among each other? That question arose in a big way recently with the release of a viral video purporting to show a woman walking through New York City and being “catcalled” by various men. The horrifying abuse that the woman in the video endures truly is disturbing. Not only is she told “hello” numerous times and asked “how are you doing?”, but some particularly fiendish men even tell her to “have a good day”. Deeply shocking and profoundly terrifying stuff indeed.

Now, one would expect SJWs to leap at the opportunity to jump on their soapbox and use this video as an opportunity to preach about “rape culture” and the “street harassment” that women endure. And, initially, that is exactly what a few of them did. But hold on: where do white women rank in the Oppression Olympics? As it turns out, the woman in the video is white and most of the “catcallers” are black and Latino men. Not only that, but they’re primarily lower-class too. So, here we have an upper-class white woman being catcalled by lower-class “PoC”. In the world of SJWs, there is a hierarchy of oppressed groups. Whereas a neo-Nazi would argue that they are superior to you because of the groups that they belong to, an SJW would argue that they are inferior to you because of the groups that they belong to – which, in their topsy-turvy world, makes them superior. Some groups are more oppressed than others. A woman being catcalled would typically be a victim in SJW circles, but this woman ranks below the catcallers in the Oppression Olympics, so, using SJW logic, the catcallers here are the actual victims who are being shamelessly exploited by a privileged white woman trying to force white Western cultural norms upon them and attacking their unique culture.

Wait, what? Catcalling is a part of black and Latino culture? Isn’t that a bit… well, racist? Before answering this question, keep in mind that SJWs are almost entirely white. And, whereas right-wingers see minorities as enemies, leftists see minorities as pets. The modern identity politics-driven leftist views minorities the same way that modern third-wave feminists view women: as nothing more than poor, helpless, pitiful little children who have absolutely no agency whatsoever and are completely incapable of doing anything for themselves. To claim that catcalling is an intrinsic part of black and/or Latino “culture” is utterly clueless and extremely condescending to anyone who actually knows anything about black and/or Latino culture. But, to a latte-sipping white leftist who lives in an all-white gated community and uses their iMac made in third-world sweatshops to defend the “poor, downtrodden minorities” on Tumblr and Twitter, anything that any minorities do is part of their “culture” and all cultures are equal except for Western culture, which is uniquely evil and is responsible for everything bad in the world. The “social justice” ideology is the new “white man’s burden”. Only now, rather than “saving” other races from their “savage” ways, we must “save” them from our “racist” whiteness and we must treat them like pets. It’s all extremely condescending and patronizing. And, thus, we see horseshoe theory in action. Where the right-wingers of the past saw non-whites as inferior savages who need the white man to survive, so, too, do the leftists of today.

Unsurprisingly, white supremacists and neo-Nazis have also jumped at the chance to use this video to further their agenda. The video has been plastered all over white supremacist sites as an example of “nigger culture” and “feral niggers harassing a white woman”. These people, of course, are playing right into the hands of the SJWs that I described above, as this is exactly the reaction that they want the video to create so as to validate their narrative that the video was created by evil white men in order to fuel hatred of “PoC”.

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Ultimately, what unites both neo-Nazis and SJWs – and what this video has fueled in people of all sides – is what unites all of humanity: hate. Whether it’s hatred for yourself or hatred for others – or perhaps even both – hatred is what fuels the right and the left, and it’s what fuels the human race. At the end of the day, hate is what humans of all races, creeds, religions, and nationalities are all about. Unfortunately, all humans – whether they’ll admit it or not – are vicious, hateful, and fearful creatures by nature, even when their hatred is disguised as some form of love or as some form of “social justice”. So, by all means, hate all you want, but don’t pretend that your hate is for social justice or equality, and don’t pretend that you are any different than the fascists and the Nazis that you claim to be diametrically opposed to. You are, more or less, exactly the same. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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