10 Reasons You Should Be Dating Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend

Majesticca / (Shutterstock.com)
Majesticca / (Shutterstock.com)

1. She always makes you laugh.

She knows how to hit your funny bone with everything she says. It’s not your fault that she has a great sense of humor and knows all your weak spots. Since she makes you laugh so much sometimes when you see her, you automatically smile just because you know it’s coming.

2. You hang out with her alone all the time.

Your girlfriend trusts that you guys won’t be doing anything suspicious while alone, and for the time being you’re not. You guys vibe well, and the energy that goes back and forth when hanging out always makes you happy. You both understand each other on a deep level and adore each other’s quirky qualities. Moreover, you find yourself hitting her up when your girlfriend is busy just to hang out and chill.

3. You run into her everywhere you go.

It seems like fate is trying to push you guys together. You almost see her more than your girlfriend, and it’s by coincidence. And when you run into her, you always seem to have some stupid middle-school grin on your face like you’re about to do something bad and are hoping not to get caught. These are not brief run-ins, either; you both stop to talk each other for longer than you should. Whether you’re late to work or class, you always seem to find some excuse.

4. You have similar long-term goals.

Your girlfriend is amazing, but is she going to be there in the end? There’s that lingering thought in the back of your mind that you will be forced to go separate ways eventually. You want a relationship story with a perfect ending, and you know it becomes harder to detach yourself from someone the longer you’re with them. You want something that’s going to last, and you know other girls have much more similar long-term goals—like, for example, her best friend.

5. You have wonderful drunk talks.

Whenever you guys are together and plastered, it seems there’s nothing that can stop your conversation. Whether it’s philosophical talks about life, digging into each other’s past, or questioning what the future will look like, you can talk all night without any awkward pauses. You’re not afraid to ask each other things that are sensitive and would only be brought up if you were extremely close.

6. She motivates you more than your girlfriend does.

She has a better understanding of what you need to get from point A to point B. When you fail, she encourages you to get up and keep pushing. She knows you have an incredible drive and sometimes when you’re down she’s the only one that can pull the right trigger to reignite your fire.

7. You have to try to not send off sexual vibes.

You always feel like you’re looking, touching, or talking to her in a more than just a friendly way. And you can’t help it because you’re so comfortable with her that it has become natural. When your girlfriend is around you have to be extra careful when communicating with her best friend. You wind up consciously trying to avoid her just a little because socializing with her too much can send the wrong signals to your girl.

8. She gives you better suggestions than your girlfriend does.

She knows what looks good on you and even what type of food you prefer to order off menus. She understands from your head to your toes what’s good for you, and it comes easy to her.

9. When you all go out, you look at her almost as much as you look at your girlfriend.

You can’t help it; she looks sexy. You stop and think that she might just be better-looking than your girlfriend. It could be that you vibe on a great level and you’ve been drinking too much, but you would only be lying because this is not the first or second time you thought about that. You try to help yourself from having your eyes wander off looking at her figure, but for some reason it seems to be inevitable. Worst of all, even when you’re dancing with your girl, you take glances at her. You make up excuses in your mind that every guy with a girlfriend goes through this, but in reality it’s just you.

10. Sometimes you think about what it would be like.

These thoughts never seem to go away. You can’t help but embrace them, especially when your girl is busy and doesn’t have time to hang. Whether the thoughts are fantasies in the bedroom or wondering what would happen if you split with your girl for her, they’re always in the back of your mind. You don’t want to admit it, and you attempt to justify that you’re making the right decision by staying. But in the end, you make your best decisions from your gut. With that in mind, you know what you need to do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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