If You Want Love, You Need To Learn To Love Yourself First

woman in field
Lydia Harper

Have you ever wondered why relationships always seem to fail?

We’re always convincing another person to love us. Trying to please the notion of love. If I just do all the right things, love will work. I won’t slip up again. I won’t say the wrong thing anymore. I’m going to dress a certain way. I can prove that I love you.

Then the person ends the relationship.

The heartbreak seems like death to your soul. Didn’t I do all the right things? Am I that bad of a person? Am I still attractive? Then the big question arrives:

What did I do wrong?

It seems we have all traveled this endless Lonely Road.It’s time to start asking a different set of questions. Why am I defining myself in light of someone else’s opinion? What about my opinion? You have more to offer yourself then you think.

Take love by the wheel and turn the car around. It’s time to break the chains of dependence.

Find your passion. Spend time alone with yourself. What do you love? You have treasures locked away in your heart ready to be unearthed. Seek them out. Find out what grows you as a person, and pursue with relentlessness.

Discover who you are. Build your character. Once you decide to take your journey, Everything will change. The most important change of all, will be
how free you are in loving yourself. Take the Journey, what do you have to lose?

This is true freedom. This is truly being ready for love, by loving yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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