You Deserve More Than This

Victoria Heath

You’re holding on to something and you don’t want to let go of it, even though it constantly leads you to a broken heart. You told yourself to buy it more time; maybe it will be better off as more days go by. But it never did, and it hurt you even more.

I think it’s time for you to move on.

You deserve more than that.

You’re always putting people first before you. You prioritize them; you make them happy. You were there when they need somebody when nobody else was there for them but you. You stayed for them when they needed you the most and cared for them.

But all they ever do was take what you can give and take you for granted. They never cared for you. They never even did a single thing for you. They only used you as their advantage. They made you fall when you’re standing straight.

You deserve more than that.

You gave someone everything you can give. You took him to the best places he can ever be. You gave him the greatest symphonies he ever wanted. You gave him a feeling like he’s living his mightiest dream. You gave him everything you can give him in this world.

But all he ever did was nothing. He even made your love hopelessly unrequited. He never cared nor acknowledged anything that you ever did. He never cared for how serious you are for him.

You deserve more than that.

You’re constantly abandoned by the people who you call as your ‘closest friends’. They never made you happy unlike you who made them feel like they’re special. Unlike you who made them feel like they’re constantly radiated with love.

But all they ever did to you is pin you down, and did everything they can so you can’t rise up.

You deserve more than that.

You’re constantly treated as the second and last option. They only approach you when they need you the most. But when you’re the one who is in need of them, they hide in the bright, looking at you slowly drowning in the darkness surrounding you.

You deserve more than that.

You deserve to dazzle with colors. You deserve to stand out in this world. You deserve to be different than everyone else. You deserve to be special. You deserve people that are there when you need them. The people that will value you so much like their family.

You deserve all the good things this world can offer you. You deserve the whole the night sky; the whole universe.

You deserve somebody who will not treat you like garbage. You deserve somebody who will cross oceans and even puddles just for you. You need someone that will constantly keep you happy. You deserve someone who will bring the sun and moon close just for you, and who will be there by your side to comfort you when you’re sad.

You deserve to be loved. You deserve to constantly be happy. You deserve not to be afraid of what people thinks of you. You deserve to be confident. You deserve to feel the greatness within.

You deserve more than anything else in this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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