By Welcoming Mistakes, You Welcome The Infinite

You are not perfect and neither am I. This is perhaps one of the most important sentences one can adopt into their being. There are few things that are absolutely predictable in life but making mistakes along the way is definitely one of them–they will continue.

When we acknowledge the inevitability of missteps, misspeaking, or possibly straying from a course we’ve set—only then can we begin to offer solutions in dealing with our personal evolutions. Acknowledgement of this truth in inevitability will bring preparation. We will be become better prepared to deal with our mistakes.

All too often we find ourselves in situations where we are allowing mistakes to rule our future, stagnate our present, or keep us focused on the past. You MUST forgive yourself for your mistakes made along the way. Could you imagine how different our world would be today if Edison had abandoned his inventions because of the mistakes he made along the way?

As Edison so famously said:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”

There is such a gem of philosophy in that simple quote. Undoubtedly in his 9,999th try Edison was sure this was the path to success with his vision—his eureka moment would be born and he’d no longer be crazy.

He would stay the course if he saw that attempt number 9,999 would work or abandon that attempt and change course it if it didn’t—just like the 9,998 previously.

He didn’t beat himself up for the mistakes made along the way. He evolved from them, he moved, and then he created.

We can and will construct a guilty mistake conscience based upon a one-dimensional world in our heads. More often than not, our mistakes harm us more than they do anyone else. We give them much more weight than they deserve and we’ll likely quietly carry that guilt around which will permeate through the veins of our lives. Stop doing that.

Mistakes are simply removal agents of naivety. What this means is that you’ve been enlightened and shown a better path. Welcome that. By giving imperfection and mistakes more weight than just a lesson along the journey to our evolution is well—a mistake—and you can forgive yourself for that one too. And you can change now.

You can either be your most loathed enemy or prized ally in this life and that distinction is simply a choice.

You can choose to acknowledge that imperfection is part of being Human and you can forgive yourself. Once we forgive ourselves, then we are off to the next and what I believe to be the most beautiful step—evolution.

How do you open yourself up to the most vivid stages of evolution?

By welcoming mistakes of course!

With this welcoming a few things have occurred:

1. You remove ego from the equation.

  • You do not railroad your viewpoints or perspectives on an issue.
  • You seek to understand—not to be right.
  • You realize it’s not about you.

2. You remove fear motivation.

  • You are no longer driven by the fear of making a mistake instead you are driven by the opportunity to learn.

3. Your world has just opened up to the infinite.

  • You will seek out others who think differently than you and you won’t judge them for being different.
  • You’ll seek expansion of yourself and all of a sudden there is more world than you can consume and your light TURNS ON—everything is an opportunity.
  • You won’t close off to one-sided views or double down on dogma.
  • You realize being shown a mistake in your thinking is not an attack on your well-being but an opportunity to a wider lens.

Open yourselves my friends. Open yourself up to Human frailty and you will see that by doing so–you open yourself to all your Human possibility. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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