A #ThankYouThursday Movement Will Help Us Embrace Social Positivity

If you were to search the hashtag #throwbackthursday right now on Instagram you’d find north of over forty nine million posts. If you search #ThankYouThursday you would find just under six thousand. I think it’s time we tipped that scale in a more useful direction. Don’t you?

How about a coordinated social shift towards gratitude where all of us agree to flood social media with positivity every Thursday? How about we make that a movement? To be clear, this is a call to action. This is a call out. You have to participate in:

The #ThankYouThursday movement

Now I know I’m encroaching on your coveted #throwbackthursday pictures you all hold so dear—but perhaps it’s time to recognize all of the people who helped you get to where you are today? Publicly.

You’ll be surprised at how much more beauty enters your life when you openly recognize what’s already there.

The What:

A social shift towards positivity by utilizing the hashtag #ThankYouThursday

The Why:

Could you imagine having our social media feeds flooded every Thursday with stories of support, strangers performing kind acts, good news, and just plain old Human sincerity?

There are a lot of complaints these days regarding the negativity and vitriol in mass media news—how about we all begin the move towards a solution?

How about peddling positivity? And how about we all peddle on Thursdays?

So much of who we are as individuals today can be traced back to the efforts of other people positively and selflessly influencing our lives. Why not recognize those individuals publicly? Those who inspired you or just believed in you when no one else would?

Nowadays, each of us has our own individual platforms with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and perhaps our social media efforts would be better served in recognizing those who selflessly impacted our lives?

Could you imagine being someone’s #ThankYouThursday? Being surprised by that?

Feeling low? Tired of negativity in the media?

Search the hashtag #ThankYouThursday once this catches fire and have your faith in Humanity restored my friends. Trust me. This will work.

We could learn more about the people around us. We’d see good deeds openly recognized and maybe we’d even accidentally inspire someone reading our post.

In a world leaning more and more towards a “look at me” culture maybe we can all collectively shift that balance a bit more towards a “look at who’s helped me” culture?

I could go on forever…

The how:

What if instead of posting that #throwbackthursday pic of yourself in the bumblebee costume when you were six:

  • You posted a #ThankYouThursday pic publicly praising the character of some beautiful Human Being you know?
  • You tell us (everyone in your social media) all about them.
  • You go into detail as to what makes this person, place, or thing special?
  • You say how you’ve been impacted.

Undoubtedly, you were a stupid cute little bumblebee at six years old and that would be the perfect #throwbackthursday pic—no one is arguing that.

But post that #ThankYouThursday pic, friends. Join me.

The Who:

You. Society. Us.

This is run by us. Not a news organization. Us.

Just pure, unadulterated love and appreciation being spread every damn Thursday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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