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If You Truly Love Someone, You Fight For Them

Why do we keep trying? Why do we stay, even when it hurts a lot? Why do we keep loving those who don’t deserve our love?

In the process of loving them, we lose ourselves. We lose our self-worth. We lose sight of the bright things in life.

And it’s stupid. Why do we waste everything, why do we waste all the other opportunities and all the happy moments in life because of them? Why are they the thought that comes to our minds when we’re bored and lonely? Why are they the thought that comes before we sleep? Why are our minds filled with thoughts of them, when in fact we should be learning to let go?

Why do we keep coming back to those who hurt us?

Shouldn’t we see our own worth? Shouldn’t we see that we deserve better, we deserve people who actually love us back? People who want to spend time with us, people who appreciate every small detail, people who are thankful for having us?

In fact, shouldn’t we be happy? Shouldn’t we be happy that they are happy? Shouldn’t we feel better, comforted by the fact that the person we love is better off now? Shouldn’t we just let them go because we love them? Shouldn’t we just give up?

No. Fuck that “If you love them, let them go” bullshit.

It’s not true. Others will tell you to just move on, to let go, and that you deserve better (which are somewhat true). However, could you really just let go of someone you really love? Could you really just say goodbye, knowing that there could have been a chance to rebuild things, to fix broken bonds?

A soldier does not stop fighting until his or her last breath until he or she has given all he’s or she’s got. That’s how you should go down. Go down after you’ve given all you’ve got. Send that risky long message, ask that person if you could talk in real life, ask for one last hug, ask to start over. If that person is truly meant for you, he or she will come back.

It’s better to get hurt knowing you tried, knowing that you fought for that person, that you fought for the two of you, rather than living with the regret of letting someone go just like that. It’s better to go down fighting rather than forever questioning yourself about all the “what if’s” and all the “what could have beens.”

Because if you truly love someone, you fight for that person. You fight for what you had, you fight through the pain. TC mark

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