This Is Our Obsession With ‘Timing’ And How It Holds Us Back


Timing. Such a small word, but has the biggest effect on most of our lives. Everything is based around this one small thing: timing.

We use it as an excuse, we use it as a reason to explain ourselves, and we use it as a sense of direction.

“Oh, it was just the right timing!” or “Yeah, sorry, it’s just bad timing”. Our society has centered ourselves on this idea of timing and we have let it control our lives more than we are aware of.

I am guilty myself of letting timing control different aspects of my life. I backed away from interviews for internships because I didn’t think it was the right time for one (and then decided I was ready again just short months later) and I’ve also let it affect different aspects of my relationships.

I’ve learned that although the timing might not feel right, who are we to say that whatever it is, isn’t going to be a good thing for us because of it.

We too often find ourselves letting go and losing chances solely based on bad timing and when we find that the timing is finally right, it’s too late.

We, as a generation, are obsessed with the fact that we have a plan and when things don’t go as we planned, it’s all because of “bad timing”. We are obsessed with this notion that everything happens for a reason, but dwell on lost chances and lost opportunities. We center our lives around the concept of timing, when we should be centering our lives on taking chances.

You’ll lose something good if you’re constantly waiting for the right time for something to happen. You could lose that dream job, a chance at a successful relationship, and a chance at true happiness if you’re constantly worrying about if it’s the right time. You’ll make up excuse after excuse and say that you’re waiting until the time is “right”. The truth is, it will never be the right time. What does the “right time” even mean?

You’re never going to find the right time for anything in life, but that’s the point of living.

You have to take risks even when it isn’t comfortable, and you have to take chances even when you aren’t ready.

Sure, not everything is going to turn out perfect in the end, but we live and we learn, and quite frankly, we can’t do that until we let go of this perceived idea of “timing”.

So go out there, defy the odds, and take chances.

Even when things don’t go as you planned or the “timing isn’t right” and do it before you lose something good that’s right in front of you. You may be surprised; it could truly be the perfect timing in disguise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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