10 True And Not So True Facts About Being A Twin


1. Yes, we are twins, but that does not mean we are always identical. Being fraternal twins is just as fun.

2. When you are younger, your parents love having twins because it means they can dress you up and match you all day long. And then when you are older, they can parade around embarrassing photos of you and your twin in matching Sesame Street outfits.

3. Although not identical, fraternal twins can still pull the old switcheroo until puberty kicks in. A plus? Most parents and teachers will get a kick out of it instead of being angry.

4. There is no real scientific proof, which I am aware of, that twins have some mental or psychic link. Personally, I would rather not know what my brother is thinking all the time, but thanks for the offer.

5. Twins have an amazing connection to each other. This is generally thought of because of the time spent together in the womb. For instance, my brother and I could not go a week without seeing or talking to each other.

6. He is straight and I am gay. Just because twins are twins does not mean they like the same stuff!

7. Your parents will always call you the wrong name at least once a day forever.

8. Never tell people you are twin, they end up losing their minds and ask many, many questions about it like it is some rare phenomenon.

9. Twins, like many siblings, bicker a lot as children. But, when you are twin and your brother is riding the same fire truck like the one you just got for Christmas, it is time for war!

10. Although we differ and may not like the same things, there is more love between twins than most people will ever realize. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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