21 Signs That Suggest You Are A Certified ‘Hopeless Romantic’

via Flickr - Jason Devaun
via Flickr – Jason Devaun

HOPELESS ROMANTIC (adjective), this person is in love with love. They believe in fairy tales and love that forever exists. They are idealists, the sentimental dreamers, the imaginative and are fanciful when you get to know them.

I would like to accept this definition as it outlines no less than . . . me. A certified hopeless romantic. I know that some of my old friends – those who fall under the category of my-old-circle-of-pals – don’t know this side of me exist. Little to none knew that I have cheesy side because my demeanor would always betray me.

Most of my new-circle-of-pals categorized me as such. After my not-so-recent relationship, they would always ask me when I will have the next one. And I would always tell them that (either) I’m busy to have such or it’s not something I can just order over the counter whenever I want to or I want it to come in the right time. But I can’t hide to myself that I miss having a special someone whom I can share the rest of my burdens with. Okay, some of you might say “why not share it to some friends?” Well, I would opt to that but it feels different when you share it with someone who you have an extra special connection; the kind that send sparks flying around with every word he utters as a response to your dramas.

As per experience and personal testimony, here are some signs that would suggest that you are, in one way or the other, a certified Hopeless Romantic:

1. Wildest Dreams, Sparks Fly, Enchanted, Last Kiss, All Too Well, Love Story are just of the songs you would want to hear over and over again because  you feel like Taylor Swift stole your treasured diary and voiced them out for you.

2. Admit it or not, you would never want to delete threads of conversation you had with you crush and to make things crazier, you have no other name in your inbox but of that person.

3. Twilight Saga might be a little old now but still, you want a boyfriend who comes in times of distress to save you with his shinning white Volvo.

4. You get irrationally sad whenever you see couples at park happily talking and would eventually want to throw a bottle of mineral water at them saying “a little sensitivity would help me!”

5. When you post Instagram photos with all Taylor Swift’s or Sam Smith’s or Ed Sheeran’s song lyrics as captions.

6. You fantasize about long-term relationship that would match those relationships actors would have in movies. A true happily ever after ending.

7. You cry over The Notebook or Titanic over and over again like the first time you watched it.

8. Me Before You, That Thing Called Tadhana (That Thing Called Fate), English Only, Please, are the new stories of your lovelife.

9. You got angry when Nicholas Sparks and his wife decided to cut the ribbon.

10. When you unceasingly say to yourself “one day my prince/princess will come.”

11. When reading poems by Pablo Neruda would melt you to a pool of rose petals.

12. When you fantasize about Niall Horan or Harry Styles to be your boyfriend and star in the remake of “Night Changes” MTV.

13. Secret Love Song by The Little Mix is the new National Anthem,

14. When you buy new sim card and use your old phone to text your existing number just to say someone is texting you. Poor thing.

15. When you follow and retweet @ItsTumblrPosts everyday.

16. When you find yourself googling tips on how to move on from your crush even though you two did not become a couple at all.

17. Reading RomComs, Romance, and Teen Fictions on Wattpad. I have read a couple of it and it made me cry and I felt like my life was a total mess.

18. When you have read Thought Catalog’s 24 Signs You’re A Hopeless Romantic and majority of it defines you.

19. Dreaming of going to France and bumping the love of your life under the dazzling lights of the Eiffel Tower or wanting to throw a coin at Trevi Fountain in Rome and would find Prince Charming behind you.

20. When FLAMES still gives you hope that someday, you and your crush could become something that is beautiful miracle instead of just invisible.

21. When you are debating right now whether you fall under any of the above-mentioned signs and laugh at how true they are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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