This Is The Secret Reason Boys Are So Afraid Of Falling In Love

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Love is scary — actually, love is horrifying.

That is why guys, believe it or not, can be afraid to fall in love, especially if there is a chance that they could lose the person that means so much to them.

They choose to sit on the sidelines, maybe as your best friend, or maybe as that guy who always smiles at you when he passes by.

They choose to smile at you, all the while loving you but gripped with the fear of losing you, even if you guys aren’t technically a “thing.”

They are the ones who can love you fully, because they loved you even before really getting to know you.

The guys who are afraid to love are the guys who know the pain of losing someone.

They are the guys who know the pain of becoming someone else’s choice despite giving it their all and showing her how much she meant to them.

But they don’t hold it against her, and they do not consider her a person less worthy of their love.

Where some guys give up, this type of guy chooses to wait, hoping one day you’ll see what you mean to them.

Love is a giant risk, and these guys are just scared to take the chance of losing you.

How you deem this view of love is subjective. Some may find it cute or some may look at it as if the guy is just trying to look for an easy girl to hook up with.

However, they just want to let you know that they would rather have you close than lose you completely.

These guys are the guys who would give the whole world for you. They would do anything just to see your eyes light up and to see a smile that warms their heart.

That is the kind of guy that every girl deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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