If You Find A Writer, Never Let Them Go

If you find a writer, never let them go. Their imagination will run wild and with it, so will your life.

Your life will be an adventure. If someone can make an adventure out of words, imagine what they can make out of reality.

Your life will be a continuous “to be continued.” In novels, possibilities are endless. To be able to create a novel, a writer’s mind must show no bounds. Their thoughts, dreams, ambitions, goals, and wants will be endless like the possibilities a novel holds. Don’t let this frighten you; this is exciting because there is nothing duller than a dead end.

Your life will be romantic. Romance, lust, love, sex, all of these moments on paper come from the minds of writers and trust me, they want nothing less in reality than what they can conjure up with words.

Your life will be emotional. As David Jones wrote in his poem, “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply.” Welcome to the mind of a writer. Do not mistake this for being a flaw. This is in fact the key to passion.

Your life will hold more meaning. Writers use literary devices like metaphors, similes, hyperboles, and pathetic fallacies to make sense of the world. These words will make the world around you more beautiful and open your eyes to that which lies beyond the surface.

Your life is not set in stone. Words can be rewritten and so can lives. Don’t like where or who you are or what you’re doing? They will help you rewrite the story you are meant to tell.

Your life will be more exciting. Everything will hold a story and become a story. The world will become rich with excitement, curiousity, and colour.

If you find a writer, the best story you have yet to read will be in the making. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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