10 Reasons I’m Glad I Had a Brother Growing Up

I grew up with a brother who is only 18 months younger than me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  To my memory, I never wished that I had a sister growing up. I’ve learned a lot from having a little brother – boys rule, girls drool.


1. When a boy breaks your heart – your brother is there to tell you that he was never good enough anyway. And he is usually right. It might be as simple as, “He was a loser anyway” to make you be like “Yeah, fuck that guy.”

2. If you’re anything like me and my brother – I was the ‘good one’ growing up. It was easy to sneak by with things because he would always do something worse. Like the time when he threw a party at the house and forgot to rinse out the cups they used for beer pong before putting them back in the cabinet. Smooth.

3. If you’re in a fight with one of your friends.  Your brother will be there to talk to you and will be on your side no matter what.  He’ll tell you straight up if you’re being ridiculous or how out of line the other girl is.  Drama need not apply.

4. Need a wingman, confidant, or sidekick at an event that you really don’t want to go to or don’t know anyone at? Drag your brother along.  No one better to get drunk and judge people with.

5. Sure brothers and sisters fight – but not in the catty way that I’ve seen sisters fight. I’ve seen sisters go at it Real Housewives of Atlanta style.  I’m pretty sure the only thing we’ve ever fought about was who was going to buy the next round of shots.  And it’s always me.

6.My closet is MY closet.  I’m very generous with my clothes, shoes, jewelry and whatever.  But, for the most part, I know who takes what and that eventually I will get it back.  Plus, if you have a brother – you can always steal his sweatshirts or his way too expensive snap backs.

7. Not having a sister has allowed me to have really great relationships with my closest girlfriends. If I had a sister – I might not have made room for the other girls in my life who have become like family to me.  It makes me appreciate them more knowing that they aren’t required to have my back like sisters usually are.  But they do anyway.

8. I can party with the boys and more than keep up. Nothing like hanging out with your brother and his friends to force you to learn how to drink. Although I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep up with them in Vegas.9. A brother can show you the kind of guys you want to date and the kind of guys you definitely don’t.  He and his friends will set examples that will cause you to rethink the other guys who have wormed their way in your life.  On the flip side – you can also show him how to treat his girlfriends and smack him around a little bit when he’s being an asshole.

10. And most of all – a brother will show you how to have a good time.  How to peel out of your shell and live your life as the adventure it is.  He will show you that drama doesn’t matter and neither do the people who cause it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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