An Open Letter To Kanye West

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Dear Kanye West,

Thank you for taking one of the most potentially inconsiderate directions while choosing the cover of your latest album; gracing it with a phrase (that I refuse to repeat here), that not only effectively perpetuates the idea that those of us with Bipolar Disorder are nothing more than “moody,” but that undeniably keeps people misinformed of what Bipolar Disorder actually is and how it REALISTICALLY manifests within those who live with it. Thank you for using this repulsive, stigma perpetuating and insulting phrase for self-promotion while the rest of us sit back, horrified, hoping with every fiber of our being that what you’ve done in one day won’t undo years of efforts to destroy the very types of stereotypical ideas which you have now, without a second thought to anyone, brought back into the “trendy”, mainstream world yet again.

There is nothing trendy about Bipolar Disorder. There is nothing glamorous about Bipolar Disorder.

I do wish to this say here and now:

I understand.

Having Bipolar Disorder is extremely hard; trust me, there are many of us that fight it with you.

Mania CAN seem like a super power, but do not let it fool you as it has fooled so many of us before you: it is not.

Sticking to your treatment regimen (be it medication, therapy or both) is absolutely paramount to maintaining your mental health and managing your illness.

There is so much help and support available.

Please do not give up, please do not give in to the stereotypes before you learn more about what you are going through for yourself, and please learn with guidance from an actual mental health professional, not just what you hear on TV, what you see in movies, or what you read on social media.

Please think twice before releasing insensitive and potentially triggering statements, such as the one you’ve chosen for the cover of your album because it takes a piece away from ALL of us.

Bipolar Disorder is not something I would wish on anyone, and I lament to hear that you, too, are now beginning to face your battle against it. You should know, however, that despite how it may feel at times, you are never alone.

You are a talented man. You are smarter than this. We all know this, and we know you do too.

We’re standing with you, we ask that you stand with us too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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