Exactly What It’s Like Dating Each Girl Of The 16 Different Personality Types

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You will learn what it means to be prioritized. She will be devoted to you and isn’t looking to see others while dating you. She has the asset of being focused. This meaning, she’s not willing to be distracted by those who are trying to play her. She knows how to make things last, meaning she’ll take her time in the process of falling in love and creating a meaningful relationship. If you remain as loyal and devoted to her, then you’re in it for the long haul.


You will finally understand what it means to have the perfect girl. She will get to know you like the back of her hand and do what it takes to make you happy. She provides gifts that not even you knew you wanted, but this will only be achieved after seeing each other for a while. You will have to take your time, which will be worth it. Her kindness and light will blind you beyond no return. Don’t ever take advantage. She may put up with it for a short while, but will cut you off if you continue. You will feel as if you’re missing a support system so viable to your life that you won’t know what to do with yourself.


She will talk your head off about her interests, theories, and knowledge obtained throughout her years of living. Pay close attention, because everything she says will have meaning. You will learn how to become your best self through her motivation and constant compliments. She is also one that takes her time in developing the perfect relationship with you and it will be worth every second. Don’t rush her, she knows what she is doing and it is in your best interest to follow her lead.


These girls are rare by being both analytical and imaginative. They plan out their dreams in order to achieve them and won’t let others get in the way. This will make it hard for you to get an in with her, to be fully understanding of her type and how to be part of her life. If you do happen to meet her high standards, you should consider yourself lucky. She will take you to the top and if you can’t handle her or catch up with her drive, she will get there on her own anyway.


She will take you from one moment to the next, from one activity to the next, from one sexual experience to the next—just don’t expect her to be completely open or expressive about her emotions. Her actions will speak for her. She will make you laugh, cry, smile and yell—everything she can’t fully express herself. She will need plenty of time and space, as she is one who focuses on what’s in front of her and sometimes that won’t be you. Don’t feel discouraged. If she chooses to commit to you, it means you are of a special kind—someone who makes her feel something she can’t fully comprehend.


A little reserved at first, she will take her time in getting to really know you before fully expressing her emotions and putting herself out there. Once she does, you won’t regret giving her the time she needed. She will take you places you never could have imagined. Due to her spontaneous nature and in the moment focus, she will always know the best places to go and things to do. She will keep you intrigued, as she always has new things to reveal about herself and the life surrounding you.


A hopeless romantic, this girl will have high expectations of you and it’s best not to disappoint—as she holds these expectations for herself as well in a relationship. Her imagination has led her to believe relationships should be like those she has read, written about or watched on a screen in order for her to be satisfied. This means she’ll overwhelm you with grand gestures and affection, as she expects the same in return. These expectations may seem extreme, but she will always hold up her end of the bargain. She will give you experiences that could be produced into art and your satisfaction depends on how comfortable you are with being her muse.


These girls tend to focus primarily on what interests them and if that’s you, then you’re extremely lucky. Her mind is full of ideas and strategies in how to accomplish her goals in life, which means you may just be a part of her plan. She will fill you in on all of these insights, bonding you to her like glue, because you can’t help but wonder what her next step is. Be wary of her needing space for herself and always be open about how you feel. She won’t sense your insecurities or needs right away, but will always be open to hearing about them in order to fix and maintain the relationship.


She’s the most outgoing, social and fierce of the personality types—meaning you will have to keep up with her in order to remain by her side. She will show you what it’s like to be the center of attention without even trying. The attention she gathers is never scarce, because she makes every moment one to remember for anyone she spends time with. She has lines of others waiting to experience what it may be like to date her, so you better keep up. It may be difficult to find a deeply emotional connection with her, but you’ll want so desperately to understand her. It’s part of the rush.


She will be openly willing to admit whether she sees a future with you. Being sporadic and fun, she is not one who will settle unless that significant other will bring that same energy. Dating her will be filled with nights out dancing, socializing and pampering. She is also able to make the best out of most situations, so it will be easy for her to fit into your life. The real question is whether you will fit into hers. She wants to find love, but nothing ordinary—because she herself is not ordinary.


This is the type of girl that will read your horoscope just to make sure you connect on that type of level. She is a truly deep individual, one that follows the laws of her own making. This means that you’ll experience a divine-like power while being around her, because the connection she has made with herself is so strong. There won’t be anyone like her, meaning the things you do and conversations you have will be just as unique as the person she presents herself as. Don’t take advantage or become idle in this relationship—as she needs reciprocation in order to remain satisfied. You’ll also always regret losing her, even if she wasn’t the one for you.


Oh man, she will put you on the hot seat and you better be well prepared for it. She is all about improving herself and her life, so if you’re not interested in doing the same you best not waste her time. Every moment you spend with her, you will feel challenged. Not in a way that is threatening, but in a way that forces you to grow (of course this always depends on how you take it). This type is not meant for the weak. The reason for this is that she knows what she wants and is not afraid to do what it takes to get it, even if it may hurt some feelings. The experiences she brings you will push you not only as a partner, but as an individual as well. I hope you’re ready for it.


She will be straightforward in who she is and what she wants from the beginning. It doesn’t really matter if your ideas and values match, she won’t alter hers for anyone. It’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to alter yours for her, which is in your best interest considering she is of high intelligence and knows what is best. Of course, she will mature and grow over the course of dating anybody, but her core values will remain the same. What she intends for the relationship is what will be.


She places an importance on her relationships. This meaning she will do what it takes to make sure both you and her are happy throughout your time together. If it the relationship doesn’t meet her expectations, she will find a way to fix it as long as you are willing to do the same. She is all about social settings and getting to know each other through events that expose your ability to impress her friends and family. She is all about making good impressions, meaning you have to make them as well.


She will take her time with you. In her mind, every step is important for building a foundation for the relationship that may lay ahead of you. This is because she takes relationships very seriously and wants to make sure it works out in the end. Do not rush her or take advantage of her desire for you, because in the end it won’t work and you’ll miss out on one of the most functional, empowering relationships you could have ever been in. She is all about leading others to living life to the fullest, but you will only see this once that foundation is set. Patience is a virtue, my friend, and so is she.


Don’t think you can waste her time. You will hardly be noticed if you give off even the slightest bit of intention in doing her wrong. She is always serious about the decisions she makes, whether that’s to sleep with someone just for a night or to date them for long term. You will find yourself wanting to spend more than one night with her anyway, as she is one of the most knowledgeable out all of the types and can teach you valuable lessons. It will come out in her speech, even through slurred words on a night of too many shots. She never loses sight of all that she has learned and intends on using that to dictate the relationship you may have with her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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