In 2018 Let Yourself Believe In The Power Of Possibility

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As the year comes to an end, our bodies fill with anxiety from the pressure of leaving 2017 in the way we imagined it would have been at the beginning. Christmas music starts playing at every coffee shop we walk into and no longer does it bring joy, but becomes the sound of a clock ticking its way closer to the giant deadline known as New Year’s Day.

By this time of the year, it’s a default for us to constantly think about what we didn’t do or what we believe still needs to be accomplished. We think about how we should have lost that weight, how we should have received a promotion, or how we should have found love.

We start to mark the year as another filled with missed opportunities, energy spent on projects that didn’t pan out, and people we wasted time on.

Then, we attempt to wipe ourselves clean of the year’s failed attempts and try again.

The new year becomes a new beginning and you are free of last year’s binds.

What we fail to realize in this process, is that maybe these goals just weren’t what we were meant to accomplish in the first place, because this past year was actually supposed to be time to build up the strength needed to prepare us for the year that’s ahead.

This year was the drum roll, the foundation, the lift off, the hoist before the jump.

Although the past still seems unfinished, it’s simply because this upcoming year is when you will complete it. It will be the time to fill in all those blanks. You have lost all of those unnecessary aspects in your life in order to make room for all that is meant for you.

We tend to think that the new year is a fresh start, but in reality, we have been working up to this year our whole lives. Everything we have done in the past, the mistakes made, the decisions chosen, and the relationships broken all have strengthened us for this new year.

This new year is not a clean slate. It is the outcome.

Wiping your past years’ experience away means ignoring all that has been getting you ready for your future. There is a reason why those New Year’s resolutions weren’t ever resolved and it’s because life has something much greater planned for you.

You could attempt to predict what the new year will entail, but it’s better to leave your mind open for all of its potential possibilities. This upcoming year shouldn’t be about creating goals to make up for your shortcomings. It shouldn’t be about trying to achieve this or that, because life unravels in ways that you have no control over and that’s the beauty of it.

So, this year, be open. This year, tell yourself that anything is possible—not just a short list of resolutions you come up with an hour before the clock hits midnight. The new year will bring more than just following a new diet or meeting a new person to fall in love with.

Believe that this year will be full of so much greatness, it can’t possibly be predicted.

When you open your mind, heart and soul to all the different possibilities that could occur in the new year, you become prepared for it.

Rather than spending your energy on what could be, you spend your energy on what is. You live each moment being open to every opportunity and advantage that may come your way and you take it without hesitation. That is what the power of believing in possibility gives you.

It gives you the ability accomplish lists of goals you never even imagined.

Next year is for all the possibilities, for every twist and turn. It is going to be wild, but productive. It will be a disaster, yet stabilizing. It will bring you both balance and chaos all at once, creating a mind that is able to handle both.

The year of 2017 may be close to its end and you may not feel satisfied about what you have achieved or the lack of motivation you have had to complete those goals that slipped away, but don’t worry. There is so much more for you waiting in the upcoming year of 2018 and it’s going to be far greater than you can even imagine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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