For The Ones With Disordered Eating Habits

Flickr / Christy Mckenna
Flickr / Christy Mckenna

Don’t let food control you.

Food nourishes you, replenishes you. It is supposed to work with your body and not against it. Do not be afraid of it. It will not hurt you, only if you do not abuse it. It is there for you when you need it, not for every time you desire it. What is given to you when starved, no matter what it may be, should not be avoided.

Food gives you life. It is a beautiful substance that allows humans to live and to thrive, which is why you should not fight against it. Work with it to nourish yourself and to become a demonstration for others to how they may be able to do the same.

Make room for what is good for you, and not only what your cravings may be calling for. You are in control of what goes into your body and if given the choice, choose what is simple and most easily digested by it.

Your body is your temple, the house of your soul and your intelligence and your personality and your life. It should be treated kindly and fairly. Do not fight it. Listen to it and compromise with it. Teach it what it needs to be taught. Do not starve yourself, but do not overindulge. Listen to it. It will tell you exactly what it needs to survive.

Your body is a working of it’s own. Your brain may try to take control of the body or vice versa, but always remember that it is required that your body functions properly to hold the brain and the brain talks sensibly to the body. Without the body, your mind will not function and so without the proper nutrition, it will not operate to its best ability.

Take care of your body through your thoughts. Love it, cherish it, respect it and be kind to it even at its seemingly worst states. Do not take your anger out on it, for it is keeping you alive, allowing you to move. It provides you with the hands, legs, mouth and energy to change whatever circumstance you want to escape or to place yourself into one you desire.

Move with it, let it move you, guide it and let it guide you. Become one with it, because nowadays we see people escaping this beautiful instrument that they have been given as a gift during birth. They suddenly take no care for their legs to run or their arms to push or their hands to hold. Suddenly the body is stuck in a limited space and doesn’t move. It is not put to use and you become only a mind, useless to express itself without the use of your body to follow.

A mind can’t put its thoughts to work without a body that will demonstrate for it deliberately. You become two separate figures and you can’t possibly achieve anything to your best ability when you are two separate figures fighting against one another. One doing all the work, while the other stays immobile only creates strain on the first and laziness on the latter.

Learn to move, touch your curves and feed yourself the foods in which make your body energized and well. Don’t neglect any parts of yourself. Learn to accept what you can control and have love for both your insides and out, so that you become the most amazing human being you can possibly be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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