Lil Jon, Lena Dunham and Whoopi Goldberg Made A Video Together And It’s…Weird, But Beautiful

It appears Lil Jon has spearheaded a video about voting. Whatever your thoughts on his artistic chemistry with Lena Dunham…there is in fact a national election tomorrow, November 4, which will result in decisions that hugely affect us all in the coming years.

Voter apathy is a big problem, for young people in particular. In the most recent primary elections, over 90% of New York democrats didn’t vote at all, which is really pretty sad considering that primaries can actually be a more effective way to influence politics than general elections. Full disclosure – I was one of them. Not out of apathy per say, just negligence. But let’s not repeat that mistake this time. It’s frustrating to think that we’d be ‘proving society right’ on the misconception that our generation is selfish and doesn’t care about the future.

Pretty much every state has a handy ‘election guide’ that someone has put online – here’s one nice one that summarizes all of them. Plus, you get to leave work for a few hours!

Thanks for accepting the guilt trip, and happy voting. :) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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