27 Undeniable Truths I’ve Learned in 27 Years

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1. People are going to disappoint you at some point in your life. Be prepared to face it.

2. No matter how hard you try to plan things out, nothing in life is ever going to turn out exactly how you want it to. Accept it and continue to build off of your setbacks.

3. Don’t judge someone based strictly upon a first impression. Be fair to them and yourself by giving them a chance. It could turn out to be a friendship or relationship that’ll last a lifetime.

4. The career you’ve envisioned for yourself since you were a child may not be the career you end up in as an adult. This is okay. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

5. Resentment toward those who hurt you in your past is detrimental to your own self-healing. Just let it go and leave it in the past.

6. There are some emotional wounds that will truly never go away, and that is okay. The best thing you can do is to just learn to live with them, but don’t let them hinder your ability to live a full life moving forward.

7. Seeking therapy from a counselor is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, and anyone who tells you otherwise is full of shit, and could likely benefit from it themselves.

8. You’ll gain a newfound respect for your parents once you’ve become an adult. With that comes a lot of guilt for being a royal pain in the butt to them in your earlier years, but they’ve likely forgiven you and forgotten all about it.

9. If you’ve lost loved ones in your life, know that you will grieve them forever, and it’s completely okay. Anyone who says you should be over it already clearly has no idea what grief really feels like.

10. You cannot grow in life if you only stay within your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to get out of it.

11. Taking a leap of faith by moving to a new city where you hardly know a soul is terrifying, but exhilarating all at the time. I promise you’ll be happy that you did it.

12. You will get homesick, and that is okay. You’ll be incredibly grateful for the invention of FaceTime, thanks to Apple, and you’ll learn to truly cherish your time with your loved ones when you’re all together.

13. It is completely okay to outgrow places and people. Don’t feel guilty about it.

14. The decisions you make for yourself in life may not always be understood by your closest family and friends, but they’ll support you anyway.

15. Stop apologizing for being who you are, and stop analyzing every insecurity or flaw you may have. If you do this, then you’ll never be truly happy with yourself.

16. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay in by yourself on a Saturday night while all of your friends are out. We all need time to ourselves more often than we care to admit.

17. If you find that someone or something is incredibly toxic to your well being, let them go, no matter how hard you convince yourself that it may be.

18. Bucket lists are important. Make one and make it a priority to achieve all the items on your list. You don’t necessarily need to put a timeline on it, either. Just get to them as you can.

19. Your heart is going to be broken on more than one occasion. Do your best not to judge the next person that comes along, strictly based upon those you’ve dated in the past. This isn’t easy, I know, but you owe it to yourself to give them a fair chance.

20. If you have a desire to travel, figure out a way to make it happen, even if it’s only once a year. Exploring new places will give you a sense of fulfillment that you won’t be able to get through anything else.

21. Talk to someone from a different culture, different religion, etc. to gain new perspectives in life. Being culturally aware is so important in this day and age.

22. Spend time with kids. Although they can be exhausting, giving yourself a chance to look at the world through the innocence of a child’s eyes can make you realize what’s really important.

23. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something. If they do, just do everything in your power to prove them wrong.

24. Don’t give all of your time and efforts to someone who doesn’t love you back. Chances are they don’t know your worth, nor do they have respect for you. You deserve better. Remember that.

25. Do something that scares you, whatever it may be. You’ll be so proud of yourself in the long run.

26. Stop telling yourself that you should have your life all figured out by now. This isn’t 1953 anymore. You’re not expected to be married with multiple kids. Kick ass at whatever you’re doing now, and the rest will all fall into place when it’s meant to.

27. Love yourself, unconditionally. After all, you’re stuck with yourself 24/7, 365 days a year, for the rest of your life. It is by far the most important relationship you have in your life, and the foundation upon which you will build everything else. Love yourself first, so that others can love you, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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