22 Signs You’re In An Abusive Relationship You Need To Walk Away From

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Abusive relationships are unfortunately very common. They come in forms of physical abuse and emotional abuse, in which both are equally as devastating. Most are just pushed under the rug, in hopes their partners will change, out of fear of their partner, thinking it is just a momentary reaction or thinking it is completely normal. Abusive relationships are definitely unhealthy, and should not be continued. An abusive partner normally will never change, no matter how much they claim they are going to.

1.)Denying the seriousness of the violence and/or blaming it on circumstances like stress, anger, partner’s behavior, drugs, alcohol, or other reasons

2.)Being treated as property or sexual object

3.)Others see the abuser as a nice person and the abuser acts very pleasant and loving between acts of violence

4.)Commitment is seemingly being pushed on immediately

5.)Constant jealousy, calls, and/or surprise visits

6.)Controlling and/or treating you like a child such as interrogating intensely, tracking location, having to ask permission to go places or try new things, keeping all the money, and asking for receipts and proof of what you’ve been up to

7.)Unrealistic expectations of perfect behavior and treatment

8.)Isolation from family, friends, cars, phones, jobs, and/or the public

9.)Blaming others for mistakes

10.)Easily insulted, angered, or saddened

11.)Cruelty to animals and/or small children

12.)Forceful sex

13.)Name calling, degrading, and/or humiliating

14.)Threatening violence

15.)Mood swings based on feelings about the relationship

16.) Manipulating your emotions and making you feel like you’re the problem

17.)Arguing constantly and quickly

18.)Feeling fear, nervous, unsafe, trapped, or hopeless

19.)Having to try hard to make the abuser happy

20.)Emotionally distant or unavailable a majority of the time

21.)No empathy or compassion

22.)Neglecting or abandoning as a punishment Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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