Why It’s Hardest To Date A Guy With A Lot Of Female Friends

Image - Flickr / martastarbucks
Image – Flickr / martastarbucks

Ding ding.
His phone is going off again, and it’s some name like Emily or Charlotte, or something. You weren’t really trying to read who it was, but you saw.

“Well aren’t you popular today,” you think to yourself, or sometimes even say out loud.

“It’s just my friend Sally,” he says, finishing his text reply and putting his phone back into his pocket.

It’s one of his many girl friends. It’s the space in between the words “girl” and “friends” that make their relationships different from whatever is going on with you two. They aren’t girls he’s dating, but he values their opinion maybe even more than that of his guy friends. They know girls, because that’s what they are. They know him and they think they know what is best for him; because they’re girls, and girls know. Don’t we always know? You wish he had more guy friends. You want to tell him to go shoot pool, or watch the game, and eat wings and drink a lot of beer. “Go get drunk with the boys – see you later!”

You’re in limbo anyway. You’re not dating, you may not even be “talking” but you’re “seeing each other.” You’re definitely not “going steady”, but you enjoy each other’s company. What could go wrong? Famous last words, right? Things go great, until they don’t — and things may continue to go great with a guy, until he consults his girl friends about it, and about you.

No girl or woman likes to admit being jealous, but the truth is that you feel more comfortable when he goes to hang out with the guys. For all you know he may still be catcalling girls. But you’re not exclusive, so why do you care?

But you care, just a little bit. You’d rather him go hang out with Kurt and Sam instead of Julie and Hannah, or whoever his girl friends are. Girls don’t always get along with other girls. Girls definitely play dirtier when it comes to helping their guy friend steer away from another girl; because he’s their friend, and you’re just some girl who he likes for now.

You don’t know much about them; except for their name is his cell phone, and that they know a lot about you. You’re very familiar with the obnoxious sound his phone makes when they text when you’re just hanging out, that’s for sure. You’re sure they know who you are. Girls talk, and boys talk about girls they’re hanging out with. They’re the girls who post pictures with their guy friends whenever they hang out together. They’re the girls who want you to know that if you mess it up with him then you’re going to have to deal with them.

They’re the girls who make you wish that he had more guy friends, and make you want to go eat wings and drink beer.

Ding ding. Hello? Goodbye. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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