Gucci Mane Heading Back To Prison

In a hip-hop industry largely infested with major label put-ups and swagger-jacking stylists, it’s hard to differentiate between the real and the fake. Gucci Mane, however, is one “Skreet Nigga” we need not question – he is definitely hard. The 31-year-old rapper/CEO, who was recently released from Fulton County prison this past July for a number of probation violations brought on by an arrest for driving on the wrong side of the road, plead guilty on Tuesday to “two counts of battery, two counts of reckless conduct, and one count of disorderly conduct for pushing a woman out of his Hummer on January 28.”

The victim, 36-year-old Diana Graham, testified that Gucci offered her “$150 in exchange for sex” then proceeded to push her out of his moving vehicle when she declined.

After his plea, Gucci was sent to DeKalb county prison where he’s to reside for the next six months. The rapper was also sentenced to 12 weeks of anger management therapy – where hopefully he’ll learn to chill a little – and has to pay $5,000 to the victim and $3,000 in other fines.

Having struggled with legal issues in the past – in 2005 he was indicted on murder charges then released due to lack of evidence – Gucci’s rap sheet is quite impressive, both literally and figuratively. Since his release from Fulton in July, he’s managed to release a mixtape, a slew of music videos, and a dual “street album,” Ferrari Boyz, with his right hand man Waka Flocka Flame.

In the song “Tragedy,” off Writing on the Wall pt. 2, Gucci reflects on his status as a felon: “Lord knows I don’t want to be in a penitentiary/ But that’s my reality/ That shit might be a tragedy.” He then goes on to explain his insanity via parental problems, “Excuse me for being gangster, I’m crazy/ Couldn’t have been a sissy, Momma wouldn’t have fed me.” It’s hard to discern whether or not Gucci is clinically insane (during the trial before this one he was admitted to a psych ward for mental evaluation) or a product of a crack-selling, rap-writing lifestyle, but either way he’s a self-proclaimed “weirdo” and seems to be embracing it.

So dust off your Free Gucci t-shirt and pour another cup for your homies in the pen. The hustle can’t stop and the grind must go on. Unfortunately for Gucci, however, “[He] fought the law and the fuckin’ law won,” rendering his paper chase halted – though he’ll still be making money via Flocka and the rest of his squad. Let’s just hope that when he gets home he’ll be more discerning about his murdering, fighting and drug use, saving the street for the studio and not for another sentence. TC mark

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  • Jordan

    Love me some Gucci. Sad to see him doing more time. BURR. So Icy, Brick Squaaaaaad 1017.

    • Jordan

      free gucci

  • brittany wallace

    stay out of jail juicy j castro

    • Jordan

      “you say no to drugs / juicy j can’t”

  • FangsFoo

     I was hoping for a more meaty breakdown of his literal rap sheet.

    • Jordan

      i will write a feature article about gucci and send it to you for [any amount of money] and/or send one here

  • SnarkyAtLaw

    “…in 2005 he was convicted on murder charges then released due to lack of evidence…”

    He wasn’t convicted, he was indicted (a grand jury finds enough evidence to charge) and charged. Charges were dropped because the prosecution felt there wasn’t enough evidence to convict. That’s how it works. “Convicted” and “indicted” are not the same.

    • Jordan

      thank you, it is changed

  • itsguccitime

    And Spike Lee was screamin’ do the right thing.

    Gucci needs to get his shit together and bring the beat back.

    • Jordan

      free gucci

  • dip

    everyone, everyone- please.

    lets keep this shit 300

    • Jordan

      “don’t get it 360 my nigga / that’s not 100”

  • Anonymous

    jordan i like your weekly hip-hop updates

  • jack


    • Jordan

      “get out my lane / ferrari boys / you see the chain / so icy boys”

  • Anonymous

    major bummer 

    • Jordan

      free gucci

  • Mung Beans

    man what an asshole

    • Jordan

      “they say that money is the root of evil / i say that money is the reason i’m so rude to people”

  • Jordan

    “They say that money is the root of evil / I say that money is the reason I’m so rude to people”

  • mallory

    smokin’ a brown cigarette

    • Jordan

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