Marijuana-Laced BBQ Sauce To Be Sold In Colorado Restaurants

Hot Sauce Williams, a Cleveland-based restaurant that garnered national attention last year when celebrity chef Michael Symon spoke highly of their ribs and sauce on television, has decided to expand to Colorado and introduce a new menu item: Barbeque sauce infused with marijuana.

In Colorado, it is legal to sell and to consume “medical marijuana,” providing one has the proper permit or a prescription, which, according to Colorado locals, is not hard to obtain.

The restaurant, to be called – I kid you not – “Pot Sauce Williams,” will be family owned and operated. “We hope to make it the Heinz of medical marijuana sauces,” said Norm Roulet, the local consultant who initially “sparked” the idea.

Heidi Morgan, co-owner of “Organalabs,” a company involved in the production of the “pot sauce,” commented on the high demand for a product like this, “[People are] sick and tired of brownies… [People who health-conscious or sick] will say ‘I don’t want 100 milligrams of sugar when I eat this.’”

After ingesting the latest “pot sauce” recipe, Larry Kohn, chief inspirational officer for, commented “[The “pot sauce”] makes you merry… It’s da bomb.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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