$1.2 Million in Cash, 20 Kilograms of Heroin

This past Wednesday, the FBI raided a house in Solon, Ohio; the predominately white, upper-middle class suburb of Cleveland in which I live.  They found $1.8 million in cash and more than 20 kilograms of heroin.

48-year-old Bryant Johnson, owner of a million dollar home in one of the most prestigious developments in Solon, dealt drugs around Cleveland’s east side, operating many “stash houses” in neighboring areas.  He was what one would call a “drug kingpin.”

Authorities say Johnson had the drugs smuggled in from Nigeria, Colombia, and Mexico.  The feds confiscated ~44 pounds of it, making this the largest “bust” in Ohio’s history.  “This is a take down of a sophisticated drug trafficking organization and network,” said U.S. Attorney Seven Dettelbach.

Read through the 138 page indictment (via WTAM) which includes, among other things, how much Johnson sold his smack for:

  • One gram of heroin: $110 (non-negotiable)
  • One ounce of heroin: $3,000.00 (non-negotiable)
  • One kilogram of heroin $85,000 (negotiable)

The next day at school, a student commented on Johnson’s monetary accumulation by saying, “That’s stacks, homie.  Dude got stacks.” TC mark

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  • a polar bear

    damn, dude, you can save like 20k on the ounce price by buying a kilo. you can save 25k on the gram price! and that's before negotiations. ohio needs more good guys like 'kobe' bryant johnson.

  • http://youtubedotcom.tumblr.com/ marshall

    dude got stacks

    • http://ponchopeligroso.com/ poncho peligroso

      fat stacks

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