Here’s What Honestly Happened When You Left Her

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I read an article not long ago about what happened when this guy left this girl… and it was the most heart wrenching thing I’d read in a long time. How he broke her.. and destroyed her very being. break ups suck. And they hurt.. a lot. but what happens when you leave her and she sees the good in goodbye?

Here’s what happened when you left her.

She loved you with all of her heart but still couldn’t make that enough to keep you. When the pain faded and she started to see it for what it was.. she became stronger. More grateful. And more attentive TO HERSELF than ever before. She started living her life with care and being committed to everything that made her happy.

When you left.. she stopped trusting others so much and started trusting herself a lot more. Not in a bad way, that she would never trust again, she just started leaning way more on herself and not so much other people to guide her with their thoughts and opinions. She put full trust in knowing herself better than anyone else and For once, she stopped second-guessing herself. And it looks so good on her.

When you left.. she opened her heart up to receive all that God had to give her. She knew he had a plan all along but didn’t actually trust it. She now trusts it full heartedly and will boldly go wherever he leads her. His plan and his will for her is more divine than anything she can possibly imagine. Even when she felt like he wasn’t listening to her prayers, she knew he was working only for her good. She constantly lives her life knowing she doesn’t need to stress about a thing, God’s got her back.  Thank you for drawing her closer to God. You walked out and He walked in.

When you left.. she started seeing herself in a completely different way. While you’re out there on searching for the next best thing.. as you so often reminded her you could “do better”, she’s committed to a relationship with herself. She started pushing harder in everything she does in everyday life and setting new goals she didn’t realize she was capable of obtaining. She started to see herself for exactly what she was– a brave little fighter with the heart of a lioness who wasn’t going to let anyone break her. She gained a new appreciation for her freckles, her dimples, the chip in her tooth, all the way to the way to her toes. She embraced not only the things she liked about herself but her flaws too. She finally began to understand and love the things that made her, HER. Thank you for helping her understand that she didn’t need anyone else to do these things for her.

When you left.. she let herself be free. Do the things she wanted to do and see places she wanted to see. And when something was funny, she laughed. A real, whole hearted, tilt-her-head back laugh. She opened herself up to new friendships and allowed herself to get close to people and learn about them. Really learn about them and in return allowed them to learn about them too.And for the first time in a really long time, she knew she was going to be just fine. One day at a time, she would be okay because she continued to find pieces of herself, making her a little more whole every single Day. Thank you for closing the door so that so many more could open.

When you left.. it hurt her. It hurt her so bad. But she refused let it ruin her. She knew there was good in goodbye and she knew she had to find it in herself. And she did. She still loves you. But she’s let go of the idea of you and her. So just when you thought you had buried her, or that she was too weak to walk away….you couldn’t have been more wrong. Sweetie, you planted her. And for that she is thankful, because flowers are absolutely meant to bloom. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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