30 Sad, But True, Thoughts You Have While ‘Studying’ For Finals

1. What’s the lowest score I can get on this final and still manage to pass…?

2. I wonder what my grade is in this class….

3. Am I passing this class?

4. Am I passing any of my classes?

5. What is my GPA?

6. Oh look, a TV remote!

7. I’ll only watch American Horror Story for five minutes

8. What will an extra ten minutes do?

9. Well, I might as well finish this episode.

10. I really need to paint my nails.

11. Should I do a deep red or a flirty pink?

12. There is no way I’m passing this final.

13. I wonder what my best friend is doing. Is she freaking out over finals, too?

14. I better text her just make sure she’s alright.

15. Wow, I am so stressed.

16. All this studying makes me tired… coffee break!

17. I am so screwed.

18. I should have picked an easier major.

19. I’m going to fail this class and fail college and then fail life.

20. What jobs can I get without a college degree?

21. I’ll just marry rich.

22. It’s not like I’ll ever use this class in real life, anyways.

23. Okay, I’m actually going to study now, like really study.

24. I don’t know any of this material.

25. I should have paid attention in class.

26. What exactly happened in Heart of Darkness again?

27. Why should I even care?

28. I’m definitely going to fail.

29. At this point it’s not even worth looking at my notes.

30. I can always study tomorrow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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