Mom, You’re My Hero

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Growing up I never gave you enough credit. But, now that I’m older and taking on this crazy world on my own, I see parts of you in me every day. I honestly couldn’t more proud that I am becoming you. You’ve shown me through the good and the bad times, just how strong and dedicated you are. Mom, you’re my hero.

You worked hard your entire life to ensure that I had everything I needed and more. Since the time I was little, I saw your dedication to education and the value you placed on being the best person you could be. You earned your Masters with two young children at home and a full-time job. When I was five, I was sure this meant you were Superwoman.

Even today, I still think you are.

You also taught me the most important lessons of life. I either learned them while I cried in your arms or by watching you handle every situation with dignity and grace. The countless amount of times I came to you with an issue that seemed too hard to tackle, you always found the perfect words to say.

A piece of advice that always stuck with me was, “Be yourself, and if that’s not enough, then you’re giving your time to the wrong people.” You told me this when I was 13 and trying to figure out who my friends were and where I belonged. I still apply this advice to situations I am faced with today.

Because of you, I’m incredibly stubborn. I fight for what I believe until I can’t fight anymore because I watched you do it with pride. Sometimes, being stubborn isn’t the best option, but for me, it always shows how much I care and feel about standing behind my position.

Thank you for instilling this in me.

Now that I’m nearing college graduation I see these traits in myself every day. I see the dedication and sacrifice I have given to my schooling, all while working 1-2 jobs. I see myself listening to the words you gave to me when I was 13, and applying them to every situation I come across. I see the stubbornness, and willingness to stand behind my beliefs. Thanks for giving me these traits, Mom.

You really are my hero. TC mark

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