We Must Not Hesitate To Let Go Of The People We Loved

Flickr / Rashmi Gupta
Flickr / Rashmi Gupta

Not everyone is meant to stay in our lives and people are way harder than anything in this world combine to let go especially when we’ve establish a certain relationship with them which we think is impossible to break. We wouldn’t know the reason why we encounter the boy at the bookstore or the girl at the station but once we allow ourselves to continue the connection we had with people then, we already share a part of our lives with them who at the end may or may not be worthy and so we must be ready to accept whatever the outcome is.

Sometimes we forget who we really are and it is not because we simply forget or we become too absorbed to some things, but because, some people we welcome in our lives lures us in becoming. They are the people who think they know more than us, people who insist that they are better than us and will do anything for us to believe in them. And because we value the relationship we had with them, we start to believe in them. Then, we just feel lost and so we start to question ourselves, doubt our abilities and lose our confidence. It is a bad feeling and all we do is blame ourselves for being not enough.

It takes time to realize those people who aren’t for keeps and it takes even a lot of time to let them go. But we must not hesitate to let go of the people who drag us down because we deserve better. There is a gain for every loss and so, we must not be afraid.

When we let go, we feel lighter because finally we’re able to free ourselves from the negativity that consumes us. We allow ourselves to move forward and entertain new people in our lives and this time, we know who we really are and won’t let anyone stop us from believing in ourselves because now, we are braver.

More than once in our lifetime we see and meet certain people who we think is all we wanted and all we needed until…

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