Drafts Of The Email I Was Going To Send You But Didn’t Because I Don’t Owe You Shit


trust me, you don’t want me to go into detail.
i am sorry that my survival upsets you
but i have no intention of softening my success
so that you cry less at night.
it’s called the ‘block’ feature, and it’s useful
for situations like these.
tell yourself whatever you need to hear,
but know you’re speaking to an empty room
that no one wants to enter anymore.
i hope you call him to commiserate. i hope
even he gets sick of your whining.
you threw me into an alligator swamp
and you’re just pissed i managed to get out
all i ever did was give you a lifeboat:
you’re the one who put bullets in it.
and if it’s a sin to save my own skin and swim
to shore alone, then call me damned,
and i will wear the scars of hellfire as proudly
as i ever called you ‘friend.’
what’s it like to lose everyone around you,
and still think it’s not your fault? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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