I Don’t Understand Why You Felt The Need To Air Out Our Dirty Laundry


i don’t understand why you felt the need
to air this out like laundry.

remember how we used to lock the doors,
draw the curtains, politely wait for everyone
to leave before touching? i thought
you valued privacy. i thought you wanted me
to be rough. i thought you wanted
a man.

i’m the one who told you to see a doctor.
i’m the one who bought you nice dinners
you couldn’t keep down. i’m the one
who took you in when you couldn’t
stand yourself.

i kissed you with my lips closed.
i let you sleep in my bed.
i guess i liked it when you put
your mouth on me.

i’m not sure what else you wanted.

i’m not sure what else there is
for people like me
and you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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